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OFF LLUM Barcelona

febrero 2 @ 6:30 pm

A journey through Barcelona’s artistic OFF LLUM Festival. Tour by Ainna Bosch in collaboration with The Social Hub Barcelona

Tour Stops:

📍 «Baucis» by Júlia Rossinyol, Kevin Sake, and Mercè Lledós ar Rauric

An invented city, a timeless concept of a city, where only light, sound, and data inhabit. This work is an analogy between the LED pixel and the windows of the buildings, an interpretation of the relationships generated between different points of light.


📍 «c-58PK0 1:12» by Max Milà Serra at The Folio Club

An artifact-sculpture that reinterprets at scale the luminous device that hovers over the car lanes on the bridge over Avinguda Meridiana in Barcelona. Born from an engineer’s dream, it is an example of the desire for zero weight, infinite space, and the structure to curve light.


📍 «Tomeduchi» by Gonzalo Cortez, Fabrizio Atahualpa, Nicolás Vásquez, and Rubén Sánchez at BAU’s Edifici Granada

An installation that captures the metamorphosis of the stillness and serenity of the seabed, drawing inspiration from the dynamism generated by the movement of jellyfish. This idea materializes through a series of sculptural fish of various sizes suspended in the air, moving in sync with LED lights, offering an immersive experience to visitors.


📍 «The Puffertons» by Joaquin Ferronato and Clementina de Miranda at Indissoluble’s store window

A vibrant and playful installation that challenges the conventions of personal space with its 15 protagonists, called Puffertons, who live in a kind of three-dimensional puzzle where each combination creates a new compositional piece.


📍 «Off Stories» by Margalef at Indissoluble

A luminous landscape structured in various layers where the color gradation and variation of light create a continuous dynamic movement. This installation aims to be a reinterpretation of the classic photocall, in this case, luminous and interactive.


📍 «Datos, Luz y Zumbidos» by Agustina Palazzo at FX Barcelona Film School

An installation that captures the overwhelming human connection in the digital era through an analog conversion of the environment. It represents digital saturation with flashing white and black lights, reflecting the binary colors of screens. The experience is intensified with persistent electromagnetic buzzes.


📍 «Mother’s Love» by Mario García at FX Barcelona Film School

Mother’s Love reflects on the contexts in which humans have perverted the use of light. In modern farms, something as sacred as maternal warmth has been taken away from animals, replaced by infrared lights that accelerate their natural growth. This raises clear ethical questions about the artificial manipulation of life cycles.


📍 «Metamorphosis» by DarkLight Studio and Inzist at Razzmatazz’s passage

A captivating journey of dynamic projections and a visual and auditory symphony that explores transformation through the cyclical nature of life. The installation invites spectators to witness the metamorphosis of urban and natural landscapes, connecting the audience with the universality of the human experience and prompting reflection on change in a constantly evolving world.


📍 «Digital Landscapes» by DarkLight Studio and Inzist at Razzmatazz’s facade

Digital Landscapes uses lasers to map the silhouette of the facade of Razzmatazz, creating a network of luminous lines that transform the architecture into a new landscape. Light serves as a crucial element that manipulates and redefines the perception of the surroundings.


📍 «EPICENTRO 48» by Cerebralwwaves at Bridge 48

EPICENTRO 48 consists of five installations that challenge the beliefs that, when confronted, limit the process of artistic development. The laser wall suggests breaking down fears; the path reveals inspirational messages on a projected interactive floor; the bridge features a reactive touch sensor screen; the LED tunnel demonstrates that light is not only at the end, and the destination encourages the exhibition of works through a video mapping projection on the facade.


General Information

📅 Date: Friday, February 2nd

🕒 Time: from 18:30h

📍 Meeting Point: Lobby


febrero 2
6:30 pm
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The Social Hub – Barcelona Poblenou
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