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By booking on our award-winning Berlin Food Tour, we will take you on a tasting adventure with both delicious German foods/drinks and with some mouth-watering international influences. We will entertain you with stories of the city and its history, and you will end up with a belly full of food and a greater understanding of the cuisine, the culture and fusion that created it. You and your friends will embark on a three-hour German gastronomy tour in the heart of East Berlin. You will have the opportunity to discover both the local German food as well as the Turkish contributions that have been a part of our cuisine for over 50 years. You will experience our unique street food culture, beer halls and the way the locals go out to eat. You will also walk down historical streets and bohemian neighborhoods, see the latest street art and go to the famous Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery, learning the history of how Berlin fought the division and re-united our city. All food, desserts, drinks and a professional tour of the city are included in the price. Once our experienced English speaking guide concludes our food tour in Berlin, you will leave with a stomach full of the most delightful food and drinks. Not only this: you will also get local knowledge and sightseeing tips to enhance the pleasure of your trip that will last with you for a lifetime. Plus, with all our tours there is our Secret Dish, which you can only find out about on the day. secret food tours berlin The Food Chicken shawarma Flammkuchen Our signature Secret Dish Turkish treats Homemade schnitzel Dessert


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  • travis2019-05-21
    Our wine tour with Inês was awesome. Hopping from one local shop to the next she took us through the old neighborhoods explaining some of the history of Lisbon while also tasting our way through the regions of portugal’s wine. Along they way making recommendations for places to eat and shop. Each stop included a small snack to pair with the wine too. She was knowledgeable and approachable. Highly recommend this experience. Friendly tip: wear comfortable walking shoes, you will be hiking all over the city. 5
  • Francesca2019-01-03
    Our tour guide, Vin, was such an amazing guide! Hanoi immediately overwhelmed us with options, so we wanted a more personal adventure on our short trip. The guide took us to some places that we really never would have found. Of all the dishes we had before and after the tour, none compared to the flavor and authenticity of the food we got at hidden stalls and hole in the wall restaurants. One of the extra perks of the tour was the information, food and non-food related, details about cultural practices, traditions, language, and more that we got from the guide. It was definitely a highlight in our trip around Hanoi! 5

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We have several tours around the world. Our tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personalized experience. You can find the description and the person in charge for each tour below Lisbon: Carmen Castello - Have a petisco in a traditional Portuguese tasquinha, drink a glass of red wine and then witness a Lisbon's sunset. Your memories will be blessed forever!Our Lisbon tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personal experience. Berlin: Karl Wilder - After living in Italy, in the Dominican Republic and in the US, working as a renowned chef and restaurateur, Karl could not help but return to the home of his family, Germany. Every day he would explore a new corner of Berlin's ever changing landscape. Karl loves to seek out the new tastes of today's immigrants as well as the old German fleischerei or Beer Hall. He is passionate about showing you the amazing and unique experience of eating out in the German capital. See our contrasting city and taste our history. Bologna: City Manager Isadora is an experienced guide, born and raised in Bologna. After living in the UK she decided to return to her beloved city of Bologna. She loves her historic city and the vibrant cultural scene behind it. Her carefully selected food and locations will help you understand the history and appreciate this town. Prague: Our city manager David, a travel junkie, has visited all five continents and can still claim Prague as his favorite city. He may be a bit biased, as a born and raised citizen from Prague, but all his travels have made him appreciate his home city even more. Budapest: "We are Budapest locals, and we are engaged to show our guests the different shades of the Hungarian cuisine. We will take you to visit small culinary hotspots of Budapest and introduce you to the city's dining culture and latest gastronomy trends. Budapest is a beautiful city with impressing history, colourful, rich in flavors and famous for its great architecture. Take a walk with us around the city centre and be part of the scene." Agnes, Secret Food Tours Budapest Napoli: Natalia is a young but experienced guide, born and raised in Napoli. She loves her city and the history behind it, and she will take you from present to past and back again. Tasting her local food selections will help you understand the history and knowledge of the Neapolitan culture as it is today. Seville: The City Manager, Alejandro, at the age of five, moved from the east part of Seville to Triana, where he has been living until now. He's a passionate traveller and food junky, who has travelled to 30 countries, but always returns home. As he will say, is Triana, not Seville. Porto: "I come from a traditional family from the city of Porto, with origins in the old city where my grandfather sold codfish. I grew up in an environment where eating was also a demonstration of love and a sharing of good practices. My family met on Sundays for lunch and dinner, and the table always exceeded 20 people, in order from the oldest to the youngest. The ingredients were quintessentially Portuguese: bread, olives, wine, cod, sardines, and the classic sweets. The meals were always very loud, in a true Mediterranean style, with several conversations at the same time and lots of laughs. These memories accompany me to this day and are part of my way of being and feeling. When I welcome someone in my city, I want you to feel at home, opening your heart to let yourself be involved by the warm and emotional culture of the city of Porto" Carlos, Secret Food Tours Porto

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