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It is an introduction to the world of Hungarian desserts for not just sweet tooth. 4-hour, two sweet and one salty from the most famous Hungarian pastries. I remember when I was a little girl, every weekend my mother baked different Hungarian desserts. These were foamy, lightweight and very, very delicate. I know people are mostly familiar with French desserts, but I believe Hungarian cakes are equally majestic. On my pastry course I would like to share these family recipes. We bake two sweet and one salty, some of them are really easy and others are a bit more complicated, but we do everything together so you can. At the end of the program we have nothing more to do than to taste the result of our efforts. It contains: - 2 sweet and 1 salty from the most famous Hungarian pastries - from the beginning to the end we prepare these together, - all the ingredients, kitchen pots and equipment, - my help and guidance, - the recipes of the pastries, which you can take home and surprise your family and friends, - 4-hour hands-on culinary experience with interesting information and stories about Hungarian cuisine, the origins of the desserts, customs and everyday life, - during the baking you can taste the typical Hungarian bites as well, - at the end of the course we will eat together, - drinks: Palinka (fruit brandy), Hungarian wine, soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee, - free taxi (I pick you up in front of your accommodation and at the end of the program I take you back there). Choose from the following menus: Menu A: Langos (with yeast) Gerbeaud layer cake (with walnuts, chocolate) Baked Hungarian pancake (with dairy product) Menu B: Langos (with yeast) Dobos cake (with chocolate) Strudel (with dairy product) Please, inform me: - which menu do you prefer, - if you are allergic to anything, for example: gluten, milk, milk-sugar, nut, egg, etc. I hope to see you soon in my kitchen! Marti from Budapest


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  • Hungarian Baking & Pasty Class


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  • Yehuda2019-04-15
    Matti was really kind , the directions to her place were detailed but missed the apartment no. The food was average apart from desert that was great! The rest could do with some more seasonings 3.3
  • Elizabeth2019-04-14
    Our meal with Marti was excellent all-around. She is a wonderful hostess - very thoughtful and courteous. The food was amazing - she used a lot of personal recipes and inspiration and used a lot of homemade and fresh ingredients. 5

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  • De 09:30 a 13:30

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I am a professional cook and a really culinary fanatic. I love cooking, baking and catering. A long time ago I learnt to cook from my mother, then I have attended several cooking courses but I only cooked and baked for my friends at home. Then I started the professional cook school and passed the exam. I learnt and worked a lot, it was hard work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. (Okay, there were some days in summer when the temperature was more than 40 degrees Celsius in the restaurant’s kitchen and I felt it was crazy). During my practice time I worked in SOFITEL Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel and ARANY KAVIAR Russian fine-dining restaurant. I met a lot of fantastic chefs and teachers who helped my development. I use this knowledge in my own kitchen. I organize different culinary programs in Budapest (private dining, cooking course, market tour with cooking, wine tasting). I prepare Hungarian and Jewish dishes. I would like to welcome you to my flat for a real Hungarian private program. Come and join my unique experience for a few hours in Budapest. Our goal is a memorable moment and experience for my guests.

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