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♥Let's share my dream Brunch with You♥ I have always been working in hospitality and gastronomy and as a former manager of the best artisan macaron shop in Budapest, I learned a lot about our guests, how people like to be served and the way real flavours connect people from totally different cultures. Few years ago due to a health issue I started cooking and I totally fell in love with it. Since then I am the one who always cook for my friends and family. I am the one who always holds space for dinner parties, for joy and creativity. It became clear that love sharing my experience and passion about food and that’s what my guests are always interested in as well. Thanks to my friends and the several opportunities I slowly created my style in cooking and presentation. I am extremely good at holding space for everyone and love creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and inspired. I can say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. If it’s good it can give such a powerful kickstart for the day:) A real good and hearty breakfast fills you with loads of flavours, colours and if it comes with a great company it will feed not only your body but your soul too:) You can find several fancy breakfast spots around the city, and I also enjoy trying them. BUT I always feel a lack of something when I eat out. Most of the times there is not enough greens on the side of an egg dish, or there is not at all. Sometimes the portions are too small, or I just simply cannot chose between two. Sometimes I just cannot decide sweet or savoury breakfast I long for, but having both would be either too much or too expensive:) That is why I always end up making satisfying brunch at home for us. Let me invite you to try it and decide:) I have to tell that my meals may not be the usual breakfast dishes and actually they can be eaten all day. You will see I represent a real family brunch when all the dishes are served one time so that everyone can pick and grab his or her favourite. Please keep in mind that my menu is always changing depending on the inspiration I get day by day and your preferences. I can customise all the dishes according to your taste or diet:) Savoury dishes Sweet potato hash brown shredded sweet-potato, mild spices Chickpea "omlette" as a wrap chickpea flour, cconut milk, turmeric Green bean stir fry stir fried green been, shredded coconut Leafy greens dark greens, balsamic vinegar, flax seed, cold pressed hempseed oil My ultimate gado-gado sauce roasted peanuts, tamarind, coconut sugar, coconut milk, Sweet dishes Smoothie of your choice Banana, plant-based protein powder, plant-based milk option, greens/ berries Granola of your life oats, almonds, coconut flakes, dried cranberries, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, vanilla, cinnamon, organic coconut oil, banana/ apple puree


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  • ♥Let's share my dream Brunch with You♥


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  • Elouan2017-09-13
    Awesome experience in Dorottya apartment, food was crazy as we loved healthy food with my friend. A tasty brunch where good atmosphere and sharing were present at any time! Highly recommend it! ;) 5
  • Aurélien2017-08-25
    A great moment we’ve passed together! It was the best thing we could do to end our journey :) Aurélien & Jacky 5

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  • De 09:30 a 12:00

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I am Dorka (23), originally from Hungary and living in Budapest with my fiancee for two years now. Travel is our biggest passion. We are both eager to discover new places, get to know new people, make friends and dig deeper into different cultures. My other passion is cooking, and I realized recently that there is no better way to discover the world than to have travelers at our table. I am a passionate home chef and absolutely amazed by Asian cuisine and spices. I spent two months in Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia and learned about local cuisine. Since I came back, my motivation and enthusiasm for cooking has only grown more. I found so much new inspiration there and I was touched by the clever and conscious usage of all the whole foods they have. I love experimenting with new flavours and ingredients and now I feel it is time to share with anybody who is interested! I learned through cooking that using only whole foods and avoiding processed ingredients is the best choice for me. I would like to love all the food I make and eat, and look at my dishes as beautiful gifts of the planet for making us healthy. Therefore, my dishes are mainly free from gluten, processed sugar and diary products and are 80% plant-based – but I promise they are still bursting with flavoures and you won't miss anything. I cook with eggs and also with meat but I always have a vegan or vegetarian options for everything. You are always welcome with any kind of special needs, don't hesitate to ask. Apart from these, I love quality coffee and quality food. This makes Budapest a haven for us because the ongoing coffee and food revolution brings tons of awesome places our way. I would love to recommend some of our favorite local spots for you! I also live the fitness lifestyle, which means I do lots of sports (cross fit, running, yoga, snowboarding, surfing – as the most beloved ones), go on foot where the distance is walkable in the city, buying – cooking – eating clean and organic. For keeping this up I love to discover those "behind the scenes", specialty sellers and the plenty of great market places that takes time to find. You’ll be welcome to join me if it’s something you’re interested in. See, I have so many plans and ideas and can't wait to share them with you!

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