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COLONIA ROMA FOOD TOUR Become a Mexican food expert in 3.5 hours! – Explore amazing tastes, sights and sounds of the culinary vanguardista Colonia Roma. Seek out traditional ‘mom and pop’ specialty food shops, ethnic eateries, and charming neighbourhood restaurants. So go ahead and feel good about indulging your taste buds – it’s fuel for the body, replenishment for the soul, and a chance to forge lasting relationships. You’ll experience the life of a Chilango! Learn about the history, culture, architecture, and entertainment offerings that make Colonia Roma the trendiest spot in Mexico City. Discover the more than 100-year-old neighbourhood, architectural gems, beautiful gardens, historic mansions, plus much more! Fish and seafood tacos Tamales Signature Mexican food Mexican craft beer Tlayuda - Oaxaca food Contemporary Mexican food Mexican chocolate and coffee tasting


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  • Erin2019-04-25
    Grace was a really great tour guide - the tacos were varied and delicious. Saw a true mix of Mexico City. Would recommend this tour to anyone who loves food and booze. 4.7
  • Sophie2019-01-04
    Rodrigo was great! He really takes pride in his tour and even more so in the local Mexican cuisine. The food experiences were extraordinary - even though at times unusual. I would do it again in an instant and thoroughly enjoyed that we had some sightseeing while touring. This way Rodrigo used the time in between different food experiences to educate the groups about sights and history. Highly recommend! 4

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  • De 12:00 a 16:00

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I am a foodie, an expert in tacos and Mexican with all my heart. I was born and raised in Mexico City. I love to walk its streets, find new places and go into the kitchen to learn all the stories and secrets that are in every corner and crack of the city. In 2012, I founded a small local food experience company called Sabores Mexico to share the food, history, and hidden secrets of Mexico City. We are a group of passionate foodies who love our city. We all design and host the experiences. We're going to take you behind the scenes, you'll meet amazing food vendors and experts and taste authentic Mexican food. One of us will take you in a superb delicious journey. Salimah is a historian with a passion for pre-Hispanic topics. Paola is a gastronome and food critic. Graze as a tourism professional is dedicated to create the perfect experience. Liz is part time advertiser but full time foodie. Ximena is a professional chef that loves talking about food. Aram is a chef that prefers visiting restaurants rather than cooking. Rodrigo is a photographer who is always looking for new restaurants and street stalls. Join us and bring an empty tummy!

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