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Do you like cooking and would you like to discover Hungary through gastronomy? On my cooking courses from the beginning to the end we prepare a 3-course menu including the most famous Hungarian soup, main course and dessert. It’s a 4-hour long program with a lot of exciting details and stories about Hungarian culture, customs and everyday life. When the dishes are ready, we eat together in my own dining room and you can enjoy the result of your efforts. While you are in Budapest, come, cook together and enjoy this unique atmosphere in my private place. My hands-on cooking class gives you a memorable experience. It includes: - all the ingredients, kitchen pots and equipment, - the recipes of the dishes, which you can take home, - my help and guidance, - small group, - you can learn how to prepare the dishes and at the same time you can get an insight into the life of a Hungarian people, - 4-hour cooking program with interesting information and stories about Hungarian culture, customs, - 3-course Hungarian menu (soup, main course and dessert), - you can taste the typical Hungarian bites as well, - drinks: Hungarian pálinka (fruit brandy), 1 bottle of Hungarian wine, soft drinks and coffee - FREE TAXI (I will pick you up in front of your accommodation and take you back there). You can choose from the following menus: Menu A: Soup: Sour Cherry Soup, Main course: Chicken Paprikas with small dumplings, Dessert: Hungarian pancake with sweet cottage cheese cream and homemade jams. Menu B: Soup: Fish soup with local fish, Main course: Beef stew with small dumplings (beef, flour, egg), Dessert: Hungarian apple pie (flour, egg, dairy product, sugar), Menu C: Soup: Traditional Goulash Soup (beef meat), Main course: Savoury pancake Hortobagy style (chicken), Dessert: Gerbeaud layer cake (flour, egg, dairy product, yeast, walnuts, chocolate, sugar) Menu D: Soup: Chicken ragout soup with tarragon (dairy product, chicken), Main course: Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce (pork meat, egg,), Dessert: Strudel with 2 different fillings (sweet cottage cheese and sweet cabbage) Menu E: Soup: Creamy potato soup with smoked sausage (pork meat, dairy product), Main course: Stuffed cabbage (pork meat, egg) Dessert: Poppy-seed bread dumplings with vanilla custard (flour, sugar, egg, dairy product). Please, inform me, - which menu you prefer, - if you are allergic to something, for example. gluten, milk, milk-sugar, nut, egg.... - the address of your accommodation. Thanks. We hope to meet soon in our kitchen! Marti from Budapest


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  • Hungarian Cooking Class - Evening Program


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  • Joanne2019-07-06
    Marti is a wonderful and genuine host. She is also a fabulous chef! We learned all about her culture, the dishes and family while dining on authentic local Hungarian delicacies and also from sustainable sources. Our first starter was to be introduced to the other guests and we all hit it off. She made it so comfortable and I know we all felt like friends. She started with her HOMEMADE Hungarian Palinka brandy toast. It is a traditional drink of Hungary and it was GREAT (strong but great). Even her non alcoholic drinks like her teas were homemade! Then our appetizer consisted of several foods like meats, cheeses, spreads and veggies as a taster. She baked fresh homemade Challah which was outstanding. Her Cherry soup was so delicious and I never knew you could make a soup out of cherries!!! The main course was something I have read so much about but never tasted. It was the traditional Chicken Paprikish with her spaeztle ( noodles). It was so delicious I cold not get enough of her sauce and had two portions. She offered second plates and it felt like home and served family style. The wine was delicious which she paired with the meals. Then dessert was simply divine!!! She served a traditional walnut filled pancake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream that was out of this world. I wanted to lick my dish! Marti went fully out of her way to offer us her home and be a family for the night. I have been to other eat & meet locals who do this out of their home, and no one serves seconds! They put you on a schedule! But with Marti it was family style food and just perfect. We stayed longer than we all expected chatting the night away. We all hugged at the end of the evening. If you ever are in Budapest-PLEASE book dinner with Marti. Just a lovely woman and truly an experience I will cherish forever. Thank you Marti!!! 5
  • Larissa2019-07-02
    From start to finish, all I can say is perfection! Marti was so welcoming that we felt that we are visiting a relative in Budapest. The personal touches and attention to details and of course her cooking talent contributed to the success of our first dinner in Budapest with my family of 5 plus 3- (we brought their girlfriends and boyfriend too). The fact that my young adults -ages 18-24 were asking questions and listening to the background and culture of Hungary was such a pleasure to witness. It surely was a win-win situation since we got a scrumptious local Hungarian meal as well as experienced a personal and engaging conversation with Marti. I know that this unique dining experience will be one of the top highlights of our Eastern Europe trip this year. 5

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  • De 16:00 a 20:00

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I am a professional cook and a really culinary fanatic. I love cooking, baking and catering. A long time ago I learnt to cook from my mother, then I have attended several cooking courses but I only cooked and baked for my friends at home. Then I started the professional cook school and passed the exam. I learnt and worked a lot, it was hard work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. (Okay, there were some days in summer when the temperature was more than 40 degrees Celsius in the restaurant’s kitchen and I felt it was crazy). During my practice time I worked in SOFITEL Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel and ARANY KAVIAR Russian fine-dining restaurant. I met a lot of fantastic chefs and teachers who helped my development. I use this knowledge in my own kitchen. I organize different culinary programs in Budapest (private dining, cooking course, market tour with cooking, wine tasting). I prepare Hungarian and Jewish dishes. I would like to welcome you to my flat for a real Hungarian private program. Come and join my unique experience for a few hours in Budapest. Our goal is a memorable moment and experience for my guests.

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