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Traditional Persian dinner in Berlin Savor a 4-course dinner in Berlin featuring traditional Persian and Jewish dishes that will give you a true introduction to their respective cuisines and traditions. • Traditional, 4-course dinner • Aperitif is included, guests can also BYOB • Communal dining for up to 24 people About your host, Alon: "I'm a photographer, MFA graduate and food enthusiast. Shabbat and Friday dinners were always important because they're about tradition and family gathering around the table. Learning to cook Iranian and Lebanese food was easy, I loved watching my grandmother and mother cooking old recipes they'd learned from their grandparents." To start with Dips w crispy Bread beetroot Musabaha Spicy Carrot Dip Mama Ganoush Roasted Cauliflower Tahini w Almonds and Pinenuts Fresh and tangy green leaves salad Mixed green leaves with home made Preserved Lemons Pommegrandes The MainThing .. GONDI chickpeachicken MEATBALLS served with GORMEH SABZI a persian herb stew and side of traditional Rice Persian Dream Persian Ice Cream cardamon vanilla ice cream with pistachio nuts Alcohol Anise liquer w cherries


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  • Traditional Persian dinner in Berlin


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  • Alan2018-07-18
    We had the most amazing meal with Alon and his friends. Our friends are from Berlin and never heard of eatwith and seemed most impressed. We'll never forget such an authentic experience and incredible food. 4.7
  • Barclay2018-06-20
    Food was amazing, the host is a super cool guy who really knows how to curate a perfect evening. Couldn’t recommend enough. 7 of my friends came and we all loved it. Will come back as soon as I get the chance to! 5

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  • De 20:00 a 22:30

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I'm a photographer, an MFA graduate and a food enthusiast. I was born and raised in a religious environment and so the Shabbat welcoming and Friday dinners were always important. For me it wasn't about being religious but rather about the tradition and the family gathering around the table. Learning how to cook the traditional Iranian and Lebanese food that was served on Fridays was easy, I loved watching my grandmother and mother cooking and combining all the old recipes that they had learned from their parents and grandparents. All I had to was follow their path. In 2013 I moved to Australia and quickly found that I was missing both home cooking and that togetherness of Friday dinners. The only way to compensate for these quiet Fridays was to invite friends and of course cook for them. I then knew the time has come for me to carry the torch and ever since I've been hosting and cooking to the people I love, making sure I'm always surrounded by the smells, tastes and colors from home.

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