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Ready for a truly amazing hands-on Spanish cooking class?
Ready for a fun time chatting, learning about food, and drinking sangria?

 If your answer is yes, come with us! We are Angels & Carmen, the Foodie Sisters, and we are very happy to meet you! 

We have a charming kitchen in the heart of Barcelona, close to Las Ramblas and Plaza Real. We like to share our culinary tips, our knowledge about ingredients, a good conversation, and our love for Barcelona. 
 The menu is thoughtfully designed to cover the most typical dishes, such as paella, to inspire your inner-chef.

Come to our amazing kitchen and learn how to cook: 

 ✯ PAELLA! (vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian options available) 
✯ SANGRIA & other drinks included (organic wines)

 Our philosophy:

 We intend to shake up the typical tourist experience with an inspired, hands-on cooking class to discover Barcelona’s gastronomic potential.

We believe in Organic, Fresh, and Local. We think learning to cook local produce is not only fun, but it offers guests a deeper engagement with Catalan culture and the fantastic produce grown here. Our mission is to change the view of what tourism represents for Barcelona. Today’s tourist is not a simple consumer, but more an individual person who wants to live an authentic moment in a different culture.

 We offer both cultural and gastronomic hands-on experience, guests are offered so much more than a typical cooking class. 

We cook with local products, most of them organic, using life-giving sea water in our recipes, promoting health in traditional cooking techniques, and ultimately, giving you a delicious insight into the richness of what is on our doorstep. Our message is clear, enjoy the moment, treat the city lovingly as if it were your home, and discover something about Spanish cooking you may have never known. Spanish Paella ( meat & seafood - vegetarian option available) Spanish Paella ( meat & seafood - vegetarian option available) Made with "bomba" rice, organic chicken, fresh seafood, fresh & local vegetables and a pinch of Spanish saffron 
{Gluten free} ,Spanish Omelette (the most known Spanish tapa) The Spanish omelette, the most famous tapa, transforms a couple of humble ingredients into a great dish.
 {Gluten free} ,Super tasty Tomato bread / Pa amb Tomàquet Farmer bread, a special fermentation of the sourdough, comes from one of the best bakeries in Barcelona ,Catalan Cream Yummy! Rich and creamy, this dessert melts in your mouth.
 {Gluten free}
 Dairy free option for lactose and milk intolerance The perfect Sangria You’ll take notes from Angels on how to make the perfect wine sangria, and afterwards, you’ll be ready to make your first pitcher. Organic wine You'll taste a very good organic red or white wine, from a small local vineyard from Tarragona


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  • Kathi2019-03-30
    This cooking class was a lot of fun. We were 4 of a group of 12 and it was fun all working together and meeting other people. The food was great and the instructor was very nice. It was a very nice way to spend the evening. 5
  • Rick2019-03-15
    Excellent class and wonderful food. Angel's was fantastic. 5

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  • De 18:00 a 21:00

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Evento de Foodie Sisters

We are two happy sisters and very good friends. Both of us worked for companies and made a big change in our professional careers looking for something more exiting. Now, Angels is a Professional Chef, with lot of background, working for a Michelin star restaurant and some celebrities in London. We decided to join our energies and started a project in common, our dreamed kitchen, where we love meeting new people and sharing culture and passion for cooking. Our philosophy? Be happy, be foodie, be local! Hope to see you all soon!

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