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Japanese-inspired seafood tasting menu, crafted with seasonal, locally-sourced vegetables and seafood with a touch of Japanese herbs and spices grown on the host's very own rooftop garden! • 8 to 11-course seafood tasting menu that rotates seasonally • This event is BYOB • Up to 14 guests around one communal table • More than 1,000 guests from around the world have joined host Ai at this event. About Host Ai: "I grew up in Japan helping my mother in the kitchen. My food reflects my background and roots. We're very conscious about food, the environment, and health. Our tasty meals are well-balanced with pronounced, subtle flavors. If you want to experience unique flavors and quality ingredients, this is the place!” Seasonal Vegetable Appetizers ,Sesame Tofu with Homemade Ponzu Raw Scallop and heirloom tomato, tosazu Grilled Grilled fish with sancho pepper leaf beans, garlic scape


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  • Seafood Tasting Menu in Brooklyn


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  • Julia2019-04-21
    The evening provided by Ai was brilliant, from the lovely apartment to the delicate and delicious plates. The fusion of local ingredients with Japanese techniques provided a truly unique experience. Thanks again Ai 5
  • Booki2019-04-17
    This was my first EatWith experience and I think it was the perfect way to get me hooked to the whole idea. Not only did the food exceed all expectations, but the welcoming vibe and relaxed atmosphere of Ai's dinner table truly made me feel like I was among friends. Ai's apartment in Williamsburg is super easy to get to and a really special living space that most people (especially those traveling to NYC) don't normally get to see. I felt immediately welcome there and the whole set-up really makes it easy to interact with the other guests. As for the food--WOW. Ai served 11 courses throughout the night and they were all so unbelievably good. Each one was beautifully plated and felt very personal, especially since she made all the bowls/plates herself. The seafood was all fresh and locally sourced, and Ai actually grows a lot of the ingredients herself. You can really tell how much thought and care she puts into her cooking! When you take into consideration the amazing space, quality/quantity of food, and the overall dining experience that Ai creates in her home, I can honestly say that this felt like a total steal. I can't recommend it enough! 5

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  • De 19:30 a 23:00

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Hi! My name is Ai. I grew up in Japan, helping my mother in the kitchen ever since I was a little kid, watching and learning as she cooked away. My food reflects my background and roots, looking back fondly at meals I created with my mom, as well as reflecting the experiences I've had over years of traveling around the U.S. and the world. My dishes are Vegetarian and/or Pescaterian. My husband Mat and I built a small farm on our loft rooftop a few years ago and we grow many of the vegetables, greens and herbs I use in the cooking, including the Japanese staple herb, shiso! I select other choice ingredients at the green markets and other quality sources around NYC and beyond. We are very conscious about food, the environment and health. Our tasty meals are well balanced and full of pronounced and subtle flavors. Flavor and nutrition is what it's about and should not be mutually exclusive. If you want to experience a unique flavor palette and quality ingredients, then this is the place! Please send me a message if you would like to setup private party. Here is my facebook page to follow upcoming events and view more pictures!

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