Delicious Dutch Dinner in an Amsterdam Canalhouse Dinner

Tasty, healthy and local. Buzz words of today’s cuisine. Good to know that has been always common practice in our little country. Easy to understand why: quality and taste of our local produce is outstanding. Our mothers knew how to create tasty dutch meals. And we learned how to do it from them! Start with a welcome ‘Borrel’, a small glass of artisanal Dutch Old Jenever and some old skool appetizers. Then a fresh and homemade soup or salad. Followed by the main course: local meat or North Sea fish, most likely with a seasonal Stamppot, that is a mash of potatoes and seasonal vegetables and some sides. Last but not least a typical Dutch dessert. Coffee or tea will be served at the end of the meal. Wine or beer are included in the price. About potatoes and vegetables, meat and fish One of the most famous Dutch paintings of Van Gogh is ‘De Aardappeleters’ (The Potatoe Eaters). Throughout history potatoes have been a key element in the Dutch menu. They were and are abundant, they provide important nutrients and vitamins, and they combine very well with our tasty vegetables. We also grow great indigenous vegetables such as kale, green and red cabbage, sprouts, endives, spinach, chicory, carrot, celery, parsnip, beet root, sweet and sour apples, and many more. And we do not have to tell you about the Dutch cattle... famous for high quality milk, butter, cheese and meat. Our fish is great too, and one of the best local fish stores is very close to our home! I Jenever & Bites Sit down and relax. Get to know new friends. A get together drink (a so called ‘borrel’, a shot of Old jenever, often erroneously described as dutch gin, whereas dutch whisky is actually a better comparison) and a selection of typical Dutch appetizers ,II Soup or Salad Prepared with fresh seasonal products from local markets E.g. A fresh Salad with home smoked fish. A fragrant soup or bouillon with fresh herbs or vegetables. glass of wine or beer included ,III Traditional Main Dish / Meat or Fish Dutch Meat or North Sea fish. Seasonal dish with veggies and potatoes. Probably prepared together in a traditional Dutch Fall or Winter Stamppot. Eat local, seasonal and healthy. Dutch Food: so many delicious combinations ... Our mothers taught us how to do it. Now for you to try! glass of wine or beer included. ,IV Homemade Dutch Dessert We use our famous dairy products, and seasonal fruit. Or bake a pie. You will love it. Coffee or tea


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  • Delicious Dutch Dinner in an Amsterdam Canalhouse


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  • Meggie2019-04-23
    Great food and drink bring people together better than anything else can. We were delighted to spend a charming evening with Martine and Olav in their darling city-center home on the canal! We got to know three other couples over a delicious four-course meal as our hosts shared their passion for Dutch food, drink and culture. The house was so cozy, comfortable and relaxing, punctuated by the sincere hospitality of its owners. After a hearty and delicious meal, we left feeling warmly welcomed to the city! We’re so glad we chose Martine’s Table for our very first dinner in Amsterdam, and would highly recommend it to anyone who craves authentic local experiences when they travel. 5
  • Nancy2019-04-20
    Dinner with Martine and Olaf was wonderful! They welcomed us into their home in a pleasant and comfortable environment. The dinner was delicious, all made with foods procured that morning from the local market. The group was easy to talk to and we learned about the hosts, Amsterdam and the people sharing food around the table. I can't recommend this experience enough. When in Amsterdam, do schedule a dinner with them! 5

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  • De 18:30 a 21:30

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Pleased to meet you! My husband Olav and I are born locals. We love cooking and entertaining. And we believe that there are no strangers, just friends we haven't met yet. So after we decided to sell our well known and busy traditional French restaurant in Amsterdam, we repurposed our passion for hospitality and gastronomy by organizing dining experiences in a more intimate setting: in our own home! What to expect We cook 4 course meals of traditional European or Dutch dishes, with a contemporary twist. Created from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, paired with thoughtfully selected wines. Sprinkled with lively conversation and some good background music for a relaxed and entertaining home dinner. Don't expect huge crowds. Our communal table dinners count up to 8 - 9 guests max. We want our dinners to be a personal and special experience to everyone. ​ Where We live in a cosy, modern decorated apartment in the heart of Amsterdam, overlooking the oldest canal in the city. We are located less than 5 min. walking distance from the Dam and the Central Station. Easy to reach from any place in Amsterdam. ​Guests and reviews Martine's Table took off in March 2016 and since then we hosted guests from over 60 countries from all over the world. We really love what we are doing now, and the guest reviews on TripAdvisor and EatWith are great. We are the nr. 1 spot in Amsterdam on TripAdvisor since October 2017 and were awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018. Pretty amazing! ​Ready to join us and our other guests? Book on EatWith now. If your group is larger than 8, please contact us first: we can set up a special group dinner for you.

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