IZAKAYA NIKKEI | A 7-course Nikkei secret dinner Dinner

IZAKAYA NIKKEI | A 7-course Nikkei secret dinner Discover Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine by half-Japanese, half-Chilean chef Mikio Tsunekawa. Mikio is one of the best Nikkei chefs, embodying the fusion of cultures that gives rise to incredible gastronomic creations. Join this dinner and get blown away by all the artistic and culinary surprises that will happen. ⚡️ 7-course dinner inspired by Nikkei cuisine ⚡️ Artistic performance during the dinner ⚡️ Wine and beer are included ⚡️ Communal dining on shared tables for 5-18 people ⚡️ Hosted by a professional Japanese-Chilean chef During "Izayaka Nikkei: A secret Nikkei dinner" curious foodies are invited to try new dishes and, above all, be blown away by a unique culture that you can't help but fall in love with. Chef Mikio expertly blends his Japanese and Chilean heritage, equally drawing on his years of experience living and working in Europe. Having grown up with gastronomy is one of Mikio's most defining features and where his inspiration for his innovative tasting menu comes from. 🌱 Vegetarian option available upon request Courses Nikkei Seafood Ramen Exquisite ramen with Valparaiso-style fish stock, seafood broth and Japanese dashi broth. Mussels, squid and white miso. Okinawa salad Mesclun, bean sprouts, tofu, and seasonal fruit with sesame gomae sauce Veal and chimichurri tataki Delicious marinated terenera tataki in our Nikkei chimichurri sauce Variety of Sushi Sushi Moriwase Ceviche Diced raw seasonal fish, coriander, onion, and yellow pepper. Marinated in tiger's milk (lime, lemon, soy sauce, ginger, salt). Dessert Red Bean or Matcha Tea ice cream spoon


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  • IZAKAYA NIKKEI | A 7-course Nikkei secret dinner


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  • ROCIO2020-02-17
    Un poco decepcionante. La comida escasa. El vino se terminó a media cena y estaba caliente al ser blanco. El cocinero y ayudante se fueron a fumar sntes de terminar. Y el aspecto del cocinero bastante dejado. No recimendable 1.3
  • Rosanna2020-02-03
    fantástico!Solo tengo 1 "pero"...faltaba un poco mas de postre 5

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  • De 21:30 a 00:00

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