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The Menu consists of 3 courses and a side dish with the main course. One of the most fascinating aspects of cooking is to find a combination of flavours that might not fit in the first impression but are just fabulously harmonious once they disperse in your mouth.. This I try in the following menu.. The dessert is from my region in austria, also the apricot marmelade will always be from there, since i always bring a stack.. Its supposed to be the best apricot marmelade worldwide!!! And you can really taste that! :) I start with a fusion of strong flavours that still presents itself as a light starter. Here i combine the bitter flavour of Chicoree and Radicchio with a strong and creamy Roquefort cheese which is in perfect harmony with the nutty sprinkles of walnut and the sweet/ sour vinaigrette of honey, white balsamico and olive oil. As a main course I try to revisit/ reinvent a Bolognese on Tagliatelle Caserecce. The lamb is softly and slowly cooked in red wine with a hint of rosemary, dark concentrated balsamic vinegar and softly fried shallots. The Tagliatelle will be tossed with Yoghurt/ Oliveoil mix and served with the Bolognese. The Bolognese will be accompanied with a Italian Orange Fennel Salad. I will keep the dessert basic but delicious with Austrian (very thin) pancakes with self made apricot (marillen) marmelade and a chocolate topping. Explosion of Flavour ,Starter Chicoree and Radicchio leaves with Roquefort cheese, topped with crushed walnuts and a white balsamic vinegar/ honey vinaigrette ,Main course Lamb Bolognese cooked in red wine with tagliatelle caserecce tossed in yoghurt sauce with rosemary topping ,Dessert Austrian pancakes with self made apricot marmelade


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  • Explosion of Flavour


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  • Suz2019-06-14
    Flipo! The perfect host! My apprehension to venture out to a "strangers" house for dinner was quickly resolved, as Flipo was very welcoming to his home. The food was delicious and abundant, everything he prepared was perfectly presented. Four other diners joined our group of four, and they added to the adventure. Flipo made it feel as if we were all just friends, getting together for dinner. Cheers! ~Suz 5
  • Judy2019-04-21
    Despite a slip-up in the date and us showing up late, Flipo provided a wonderful meal and was a wonderful host! There was no shortage of food or conversation. 5

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  • De 20:00 a 00:00

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Hi, I love cooking as my passion, its all about being hospitable and creating a space where people feel that they can open up, be themselves (very important) and not depend on smalltalk on a dining table.. Food is an essential part, in my opinion, to make this happen, to create this kind of special athmosphere of ease.. So thats one of the main reasons why I love cooking.. Plus, one can be creative and produce something nice.. Isnt that one of the most important things in life.. :)

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