Lovely Argentine BBQ, Malbec Wine and Empanadas! Dinner

Buenos Aires
We invite you to enjoy an evening in the light of the stars, tasting Argentinean typical food: homemade pies, appetizer, and uncorking wine and appreciate how the meat gives off its juices and aromas. Our Garden, Our BBQ, Unique Argentinean Meal, Exclusive & Boutique Malbec Wines, We are a married couple who love cooking with friends, and receiving people to share our meal and to exchange languages and experiences. APPETIZER Peronist Argentine drink with finger food ,ENTRY Argentinean empanadas. Empanadas are another quintessential Argentine dish. Is a thin dough filled presented a semicircular shape not exceeding 20 cm in diameter and closed with the so-called repulgue. ,MAIN DISH Lovely Argentinean Meal One of the greatest passions of the Argentines is the roast. It’s based on the cooking of different parts of beef to the embers to simmer. We invite you to enjoy this wonderful argentine ritual. Argentine steaks tasting typical bread. Choripan, beef tenderloin and other beef cuts. Served with chimichurri, criolla sauce, sweet and sour cucumbers and potatoes with butter. ,DESSERT Glory of Argentinean desserts Moist cake with caramel, nuts and merengue. Dulce de leche (also known as manjar, white manjar, arequipe or cajeta) is a traditional sweet that corresponds to a caramelized variant of milk. ,THE SWETT CLOSING MATE TASTING PASTAFROLA It is a very popular craft in Argentina cake stuffed with quince.


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  • Lovely Argentine BBQ, Malbec Wine and Empanadas!


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  • Bindu2016-03-07
    There is a saying that when you are cooking, the love, care and intentions of the chef have a direct effect on the flavour of the food. Well this is certainly the case with Carlos and Vanina, who are quite possible some of the nicest people I have ever met, and served us an amazing multi-course meal with cocktails and wine! It was our first time and theirs with Eat With, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! After a few days of anonymous restaurants, it was wonderful to be invited into a Buenos Aires home and their lovely garden and treated to Vanina's wonderful family recipes (and one dish made by her Mom) and Carlos expert porteno skills on the BBQ!! They also gave us an invaluable tip on where to see genuine authentic tango the night before, which was amazing! My only regret is that we had to rush off to catch our plane! But I ate the homemade chocolate truffles that Vanina had gifted us on my way home! A definite highlight - obrigada, dhanyavad, merci e muchas gracias amigos - we await your visit to us in Rio one day!! 5
  • Joelle2017-03-14

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  • De 19:00 a 10:00

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Evento de Carlos & Vanina

The idea of opening this space emerges from the regular meetings of the hostess (great cook and show producer) where entertains friends with different dishes from their entire development. Passionate about sharing moments and flavors, decided to open the doors of his room for new guests. The proposal includes the evening outdoors, in a garden of Villa Crespo, under avocado tree, stars and the environment interesting talks and exquisite typical of Argentina sanwichs grilled meat, accompanied by Argentine empanadas and drinks.

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