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I host at my lovely home in Tel Aviv in a Family atmosphere together wit my husband. Traditional Israeli home cooked food my grandmother secret recepie chicken Chicken roasted for hours in its on juices and white wine...yummmi A story for every salad Lots of home style salads inspired by traditional European and Middle eastern cuisin like: Copped liver Roasted cauliflower Homemade pickels freshly baked bread with a variation of dips and many more....dishes and stories:) Meat and chicken -WOW WOW!!!! Chicken supreme roasted in white wine, lots of garlic and Mediterranean herbs and chess nuts Many More Surprises Like roasted bee;, tender as butter, after spending more than 6 hours in my oven with lots of red wine and more... Lots of delicious Israeli white and red wine


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  • Nathalie2019-07-16
    What a wonderful evening. I loved my experience Anat and her dear husband and friends are warm and make you feel very welcome. The food was simply amazing and delicious. The entire evening from A to Z was the highlight of my trip. Thank you Anat 5
  • Elodie2019-07-13
    Anat is a great host. I was received with warm hospitality. The food was delicious. We feel like in family. The evening was so nice, it couldn’t have been any better. Thank you for everything Anat! 5

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  • De 20:30 a 23:00

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What I like most is making people happy! I do it every day in the events I produce and with the great food I cook for my family, friends and guests. Our house is always open and rhere is always something 'GOOOD' cooking in the pots.... I have three kids and 3 adoreale grandchildren. Even when we were students in a tiny rented appartement our house was always full. Our friends knew that there is always something cooking in my kitchen. I am so lucky that my dear husband (for 40 years and many more to come...) shares with me this love of hosting. He is always there for me, helping with shopping, arranging the table and hosting the guests.. The table setting is very important to me as much as the food taste and quality. My motto is that the eyes are the first to it is very important that everything looks great as well as tastes great. There is only one way to find out if I am right. You have to try (and taste) by yourself (:

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