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Jewish gastronomy degustation dinner A food and wine pairing dinner that's a Jewish culinary feast at Casa Adret, a 15th century home with a patio and roof terrace in the old Jewish quarter • 5-course dinner inspired by the hosts' different origins and the best local products • Aperitif and wine pairings included • Communal dining for up to 10 people • Menu can be adapted to dietary preferences and food allergies, and can be made Kosher About your host, Monica & Eva: "We are Toldot Barcelona. We come from very different backgrounds and corners of the globe, but our journey is intertwined through food. Toldot means chronicle in Hebrew, and what we wish to do is bring food, history, heritage and different chronicles to the table." Selection of assorted appetizers Pickled vegetables In our grandmother´s house there were always big jars of pickles. So many colours and a unique flavour. It was wonderful to see and to eat. We want to share this with you. Entrées Sometimes a cold soup in summer or a worm one in winter. Seasonal saldas using our characteristic herbs. Dipping sauces or purées What is a jewish table if we don´t have any dipping sauces or purées to have a festival in our plates? We will offer you different styles from our special hummus, beats with yogurt or bazerjan. Our iconic dishes Our iconic dishes are the ones that as soon as they touch the table fly away, the ones that in family dinners were object of fight between siblings. Things that you can eat like potato chips. Dishes like kubbe, turnovers, knishes, or lajmayin. Pita bread Main course The big star of the night. Channeling our grandmothers we come with amazing fusion of flavors. Just to mention some, we hav brisket with middle eastern spices, lamb chops with stuffed grape leaves, chicken with fruit or majadra. Dessert It always changes and it always brings joy. One of our favorite is baklava in so many ways it can be served.


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  • Jewish gastronomy degustation dinner


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  • Sandra2020-02-17
    Una experiencia súper especial. Recomendable 100%. Gracias Monica & Eva! 5
  • Jessica2020-01-20
    Fantástic food, beautiful venue and very interesting background! A lot of food and we felt as if we were having a wonderful dining experience at a friend's home, very welcoming! Great value for money, will be giving this experience to our friends as presents! 5

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  • De 20:30 a 23:30

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Evento de Monica & Eva

And then they were two. Monica and Eva. We are Toldot Barcelona. We come from very different backgrounds,different corners of the globe, but our journey has intertwined through food. Toldot means chronicle in Hebrew, and what we wish to do is bring food, histories and heritage, different chronicles, to the table. Monica, from Mexico City, was raised in a Syrian Jewish family. Eva, from Melbourne Australia, Askenazi Polish heritage and Irish roots. Food has always been part our lives. Coincidentally, the oldest and greatest moments of our lives have been in the kitchen or around a food table. Maybe this is why we like each other so much. Toldot Barcelona is a common project where we wish to explore and promote Jewish culture and heritage through food. The Jewish culinary legacy is so vast and diverse, and the question hovers, ‘What is Jewish Food’? With the three of us, we cover a great part, from Middle East, to Easter Europe, from Ashkenazi to Sepharadic (think: peirogi meets kippe). It´s a richness that is intertwined not only with the places where we are born, the families that we came from, but also this incredible culture we now call home. The experience we offer is not only culinary, but historic- the space where we are located is the oldest inhabited house in the city. Casa Adret stands in what was once the heart of Jewish Quarter. This significant location is highlighted through stunning design, its architects carefully crafted a structure that has become a symbol of the new face of the old Call. Entering it’s walls is a shortcut to the Middle Ages, an opportunity so rare and special, even for locals. So, basically what we love to do is cook, eat, feed mouths, meet people, listen to their stories and share ours. We believe that worlds can come closer by eating at the same table and sharing flavors. We hope we can share this exceptional experience with you, and to be taken to another world.

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