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Vegetable Tasting Menu *does not include alcoholic drinks. Please feel free to bring your own. * the vegetables are organic, from our garden or green market. ---------------------------------------------------- Sample Menu - *Three "one-bite" appetizers *Steamed silken tofu with edamame sauce *Tomato salad with tofu, hijiki seaweed, corn, shiso, chive, and arugla *Stuffed Potato ball in Dashi soup *Buckwheat Soba Noodle with homemade sesame sauce and lotus root chips. -Dessert: Hojicha (roasted green tea) Crème brûlée Itadakimasu! Seasonal four one-bite appetizers


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  • Vegetable Tasting Menu


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  • Huimei2019-08-19
    Friendly and cozy place, local grown vegetable , fresh seafood. 5
  • Frank2019-08-19
    Ai hosted 17 of us for a surprise bday dinner for my husband. It was an incredible experience! Her apartment is warm, eclectic and comfortable. The plants and the string lights create an excellent vibe. Her food was gorgeously presented, creative and thoughtful. There were at least a dozen different options including roasted oysters, an amazing trout w veggies, rice rolls w cheddar and truffle, an egg custard, raw tuna and more. I cannot do justice here to the beauty of the presentation and the deliciousness of every single course! Ai, herself, was gracious and sweet and even presented my husband w a bday gift. For dessert she made an incredible peach cake w homemade flowers and currants on top. Highly highly highly recommend! 5

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  • De 19:30 a 22:30

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Hi! My name is Ai. I grew up in Japan, helping my mother in the kitchen ever since I was a little kid, watching and learning as she cooked away. My food reflects my background and roots, looking back fondly at meals I created with my mom, as well as reflecting the experiences I've had over years of traveling around the U.S. and the world. My dishes are Vegetarian and/or Pescaterian. My husband Mat and I built a small farm on our loft rooftop a few years ago and we grow many of the vegetables, greens and herbs I use in the cooking, including the Japanese staple herb, shiso! I select other choice ingredients at the green markets and other quality sources around NYC and beyond. We are very conscious about food, the environment and health. Our tasty meals are well balanced and full of pronounced and subtle flavors. Flavor and nutrition is what it's about and should not be mutually exclusive. If you want to experience a unique flavor palette and quality ingredients, then this is the place! Please send me a message if you would like to setup private party. Here is my facebook page to follow upcoming events and view more pictures!

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