Fabulous Tasting Menu and Wine Pairings in Gracia Dinner

What we do in our dinners is a tasting menu with eight steps and wine paring, with four wines. But we like to see it as a structure that we can change and modify any time we want, either changing flavors, ingredients or complete plates, according to seasonal products (or simple own wishes!). And the same thing it’s for wine selection. So we invite you to come to try and specially to let you go and follow us. ..LET START.. ..OYSTERS.. We love Oysters! And we love to add to our oysters a different touch every night. Its served with a cup of cava ..MISO SOUP.. Miso it's a fermented soybean paste that japanese people use every day in their gastronomy, and we've also adapted this product to our everyday home made food because we love it! It's accompanied by a quail egg cooked at low temperature with soy sauce and shimeji mushrooms! ..CRISPY GOAT CHEESE SALAD.. Crunchy and tasty fried corn tacos, stuffed with fresh leaves, diced goat cheese, toasted pineapples, and a magnificent homemade mango chutney that you'll love! ,..CEVICHE NIKKEI.. "Nikkei" it's the name of the fusion of Japanese cuisine and Peruvian cuisine. "Ceviche" is probably the most famous dish of Peruvian gastronomy. So we have made our own version of this dish, on this fusion...and we love it! To know what we're talking about, you're going to have to come and try it. ..THAI COD FISH.. Slow cooked confit cod with vegetable tagliatelle and coconut milk curry, on a crunchy smashed potato base flavored with ginger root. ..SMOKED OSSO-BUCO.. Tender smoked osso-buco casserole (six hours of braising), accompanied with seasonal vegetables or mushrooms, pumpkin cream with cardamom seeds, crispy fried quinoa flavored. ,..PRE-DESSERT.. "Pre-dessert" is a key piece in a tasting menu. Before going to the dessert it is necessary to take a short break and refresh the palate, clean the salt and grease part of our mouths after the menu, in order to prepare the mind for what is coming: The sweet. ..BANANA INGOT.. End of the journey. This dessert has been perfected over time and people increasingly like it. It is an banan ingot, filled up with chocolate and some more surprises, it is caramelized on the outside, and we accompany it with a very nice assortment of chocolate, mango, sweet cheese, seasonal fruits and nuts. ..WINE PAIRING.. *White wine * Red wine (Normally two different kinds) * Sweet wine for dessert.


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  • Fabulous Tasting Menu and Wine Pairings in Gracia


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  • Ofer2019-02-20
    In one word - WOW! Everything about the dinner was perfect - the background music was pleasant and created a cozy atmosphere along with the tasteful design of the house. Jazmin and Marcos were lovely and entertaining, and explained each dish and wine. The food was no less than spectacular - fresh ingredients, elaborated with master skill and artful presentation to become literal pieces of art on our plates, which we discovered are handmade by Jazmin herself. Perfect evening, highly recommended. 5
  • gidon2019-02-19
    One of the best meals ever! I will recommend to all my friends! 5

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  • De 20:00 a 23:30

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Welcome! Our names are Jazmín and Marcos. We are both professional chefs from Argentina and we have been living in Barcelona for over 10 years now. We both received our professional training in Argentina and each decided to come to this incredible city before we even met each other. Then here, on the other side of the ocean, our paths crossed… in a restaurant kitchen whilst working together… We have been together ever since and in this time, each of us has had the pleasure of working as a chef or head chef in a number of the best restaurants in Barcelona. During this time we have been able to work with some of the best chefs around, learning the most advanced techniques and using the best products on the market to create some of the finest combinations in taste and sensations. In additional to cuisine, we love to travel. During our travels we are constantly looking for new experiences, new tates and new combinations to stimulate the senses… We want to share these experiences through our dishes, combining flavours and textures that have captivated us during our travels, together with everything we have learned here in the Mediterranean. Let us take you on a journey from our experiences straight to your palate. We live in an old flat in the beautiful neighbourhood of Gracia. We have renovated the flat ourselves with love and care, to convert our in-house dinner evenings into unique experiences. We love our neighbourhood and over the years this area has become our home. Our philosophy, not only in the kitchen but in life itself is to use the best local products and support the local shops and suppliers. We live opposite the fresh-food Market ‘Libertad’, so all the ingredients of our dishes and each bottle of wine are carefully selected from the market or local establishments with three things in mind: fresh, organic and locally produced. Finally, we know that a good meal is not only the food and drink... We love to combine our meals with good music. We have a selection of vinyls that we love listening to while cooking and during our dinners. But, live music is always better, right? Well, an evening in our home can often include a special live performance... instagram @doblemente_chef We look forward to welcoming you to our home! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bienvenidos!! Somos Jazmín y Marcos, una pareja de cocineros de profesión. Vivimos en Barcelona hace unos 10 años, nos formamos como cocineros en nuestra Argentina natal y luego decidimos venir a esta ciudad increíble, cada uno por su lado y en tiempos diferentes. Siendo los dos de la misma ciudad, no nos habíamos visto nunca. Hasta que sucedió. De éste lado del océano y donde más y donde mejor que, en la cocina de un restaurante. Desde entonces hemos hecho un largo recorrido por muchos de los mejores restaurantes de esta ciudad. Ya sea como cocineros o como jefes hemos trabajado durante años en este mercado y con los mejores productos, hemos aprendido de los mejores las técnicas más avanzadas y las combinaciones más sabrosas. Pero además de cocinar, amamos viajar. Y en nuestros viajes no solo buscamos experiencias nuevas y lugares bonitos, también buscamos sabores, condimentos y combinaciones que estimulen nuestros sentidos. Queremos compartir estas experiencias a través de nuestros platos. Combinar los condimentos, las texturas y los sabores que nos han cautivado en nuestros viajes, sumarlo a todo lo que hemos aprendido en esta tierra mediterránea, y compartirlo con vosotros. Nuestras manos serán los hilos conductores desde nuestras memorias hasta vuestros paladares. Vivimos en un antiguo piso en el bello barrio de Gracia que hemos reformado nosotros mismos, con nuestras ganas y nuestras manos, para convertir nuestras cenas en experiencias únicas. Nos encanta nuestro barrio, vivimos aquí desde el momento que llegamos y estas calles se han convertido en nuestro hogar. Y es por esto que nuestra filosofía en la vida y en la cocina es la de soportar y promover a los pequeños productores y a las tiendas de cercanía de nuestro barrio. Vivimos frente al Mercado de la Libertad, y todos nuestros platos, preparaciones y los vinos que hemos elegido, parten de lo mejor: productos orgánicos, frescos, de productores locales y de cercanía. También sabemos que no todo en una buena cena es la comida. Nos encanta acompañar nuestros encuentros con buena música. Tenemos una pequeña colección de vinilos que nos encanta reproducir mientras cocinamos y durante la cena. Pero siempre que la música sea en vivo será mejor, verdad? Pues en nuestra casa puede ser que eso también suceda. Los esperamos!!

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