A zero waste seasonal 6 course tasting menu & live electronic music! Dinner

A zero waste seasonal 6 course tasting menu & live electronic music! Eric and I welcome you to our home! You will first listen to a live electronic music set from Eric with piano, while you have the first appetizer in the studio/living room. I will then take you to the dining room where you will be able to enjoy with some wine the next 5 courses of the menu. The menu is vegetarian inspired by local, seasonal products and is circular and zero waste, a new welcoming into sustainable dining! Everything is made by me, including home-made sourdough bread, fermented pickles and home-made butter and also home-made ice cream. Having music as the first ingredient for inspiration, and then this Menu will make a memorable experience for you. Eric will be happy to share his music as I to to share with you my story and inspirations around a circular and sustainable kitchen with you and hear some more from you as well! Looking forward to meeting you! I offer two glasses of wine, you are welcome to bring more! sEASONAL summer menu Herbs and Flower bouquet kohlrabi, lemon oil vinaigrette Bread and butter Sourdough bread, home-made baked garlic butter, pickles Tomato and Cucumber Pickled, grilled and confit. Avocado. Pickled shiso leaves. Spring onions and tupinambor Grilled with romescu sauce. Cauliflower Kimchi. Peanut sauce. Cured Lemon. Buttermilk ice cream and strawberries Steamed and Fresh. Tarragon. Blackberries


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  • A zero waste seasonal 6 course tasting menu & live electronic music!


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  • Dominique2019-08-27
    Expérience extrêmement agréable : * cours très pratique, hygiène excellente, produits très frais, pédagogie+++, ambiance très décontractée * plats de qualité, très gouteux, saveurs péruviennes incroyables * Monica est hôte très agréable, avec des projets passionnants Un très très bon moment, à découvrir et partager. 5
  • Noémie2019-08-19
    We had a very nice first EatWith experience with Monica. She is a great and inspiring Chef and taught us how to do a delicious ceviche. It was lovely to also meet her family. We had a fantastic evening in good company. 5

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  • De 19:30 a 23:00

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I studied Biology and graduated from a phD in 2010. Not little after that, I went off road looking to become a Chef, cooking has always been a big part of my life. I search through science to the development of my singular cuisine, and am always inspired by seasonal, organic and vegetarian (mainly) produce. I love artisan cooking, fermentations, slow food and allowing time to act as the main ingredient. Creative cooking is a big part of my work, as I love researching on new concepts and always make my own plates, and I also collaborate a lot with artists. Collaboration is to me, always an inspiration. You can check more of my work on my website www.monicakisic.com Looking forward to meeting you and hosting you at my home!

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