Italian Comfort in East Village Dinner

New York
When it comes to Italian food, Naples surely has something to say: food in Naples is more than just sitting around a table and eating, it’s almost a ritual made of repetitive gestures, traditions and habits carried on for generations. Cooking in Naples and the Campania region is a way to express love and gratitude, and food is one of the main gatherings for people — the other is soccer. None of the ingredients used are crazy expensive because the Neapolitan cuisine is all about seasonal, fresh, local and cheap foods. Throughout this 4-course dinner set on a beautifully decorated dining table, Chef Amato will be explaining the stories behind the dishes, and what makes them so unique. The dim atmosphere, vinyl record music, and fragrant smells will take you to Italy, Naples, and back, in one night. Starter Bites of Home Preserved Eggplants (on toasted traditional brea) homemade by my mom - back in Naples ,appetizer Panzanella Salad with Burrata Chopped cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, basil, mixed with toasted bread w/ Burrata Vegetable side we love fresh ingredients and on our table there is always a vegetable side (fresh from the green market) ,Main Course PASTA is our religion We serve only Italian artisanal pasta supplied by trusty Italian groceries. Sometimes on request we make homemade fresh pasta. It can be with vegetable, beans or meat sauce (bolognese, genovese etc...) ,Dolce & caffè Fresh seasonal fruit & cream Home made Pastry cream (or) whipped cream & marinated seasonal fruit


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  • Italian Comfort in East Village


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  • Michael2019-04-16
    I think that the eggplant bruschetta appetizer and the orecchiette main course were supposed to be the highlights, and they were good. However, my favorites were the torta salata and the berry/cream tart. Giuseppe knows how to work with dough: the torta salata's flaky (not crumbly) crust and the tart's light semolina base were delicious. 4.7
  • Abby2019-04-08
    Great meal! Very talented chef. Fun experience and definitely a great host. 5

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  • De 20:00 a 21:30

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"Design is my job, Cooking is my calling” Architect & Food Lover, Proudly Born & Raised in Naples (Italy’s most vibrant city) I grew up being fascinated by my mom's simple home cooking, as using only locally grown products (mostly by my grandfather & local farmers) & traditional flavors. I’m an architect, interior designer & art director, but I do enjoy cooking at home & host dinners with old & new friends. Having them around my modest table, as creating connections & entertaining with funny stories, authentic food, fragrant smells & yummy flavors makes me quite happy. I also enjoy food-shopping in organic food markets, grew & harvest my own vegetable garden (especially in spring/summer) making fresh pasta sometimes, baking and show-cooking for my friends. Living in a vibrant & creative city like New York, gave me the motivation & inspiration to share my passion with the world, in a more tangible and committed way. Join me and my culinary Neapolitan “journey”. Giuseppe (AmatoCibo)

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