Peruvian Ceviche Workshop Dinner

Ceviche in Perú, and for us Peruvians abroad, matches perfectly with sunlight, friends and some chilcanos, a cocktail made with Pisco, our emblematic spirit. With the sun shining in Berlin, there isn’t a better excuse to know how to make it and enjoy it! This workshop you will learn the story and culture of the our very famous dish Cebiche and Tiradito! You will also learn how to prepare it, and how to handle every ingredient the dish comprises. You will learn how to properly work with the fish and have it be very fresh. We will be serving it with peruvian sweet corn and sweet potato! But not only! We will also get into other techniques and flavors by preparing Tiradito where the technique, textures, and preparation differ. We will enjoy all those delicacies with some Andean pop-corn or “canchita serrana” and a classic Chilcano cocktail - which you will also learn to make! The workshop comprises raw materials, the cooking class, a cocktail, enjoying the preparations at dinner and a really nice handout with the recipes and insights on how and why to handle the produce properly. Ceviche Sea-bass based ceviche served with sweet potateo and andean pop-corn Tiradito Sashimi-like cut tiradito served with peruvian chilli sauce and sweet corn ,Chilcano Pisco cocktail based with lemon and ginger ale


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  • Peruvian Ceviche Workshop


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  • Rebecca2018-08-13
    Just perfect! Both the food and the athmosphere were magic. We were spoiled with a culinary journey through the very talented revisitstion of Monica of some of the peruvian specialities. Each dish served impecccabily and beautifully. I am glad I booked this experience, especially because I shared a lovely evening with people whom I did not know. If you have a chance, I can strongly recommend booking with Monica. It is certainly worth it! 5
  • Huguette2018-08-10
    It was absolutely fabulous ! The choice of foil, the presentation and the taste. Monika’s menu was great! And Erik’s music... A big experience! 5

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  • De 17:00 a 19:00

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I studied Biology and graduated from a phD in 2010. Not little after that, I went off road looking to become a Chef, cooking has always been a big part of my life. I search through science to the development of my singular cuisine, and am always inspired by seasonal, organic and vegetarian (mainly) produce. I love artisan cooking, fermentations, slow food and allowing time to act as the main ingredient. Creative cooking is a big part of my work, as I love researching on new concepts and always make my own plates, and I also collaborate a lot with artists. Collaboration is to me, always an inspiration. You can check more of my work on my website Looking forward to meeting you and hosting you at my home!

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