Meat meets Pasta Dinner

VI ASPETTO DESIDEROSI DI PROVARE I SAPORI DELLA MIA TERRA MADRE appetizers VEGETALI al CARTOCCIO mix of vegetables wrapped in baking paper and slow cooked in the oven ARROSTO di VERZA oven roasted cabbage VITELLO TONNATO thin sliced cold served oven roasted Veal with a spread of tuna and capers BRUSCHETTA traditional Italian appetizer made of crunchy sliced bread topped with fresh and pickled vegetables INSALATA di LENTICCHIE black beluga lentils served with rucola salad, green onions and vinagrette dressing FAGIOLI all' UCCELLETO white beans saute' with light spicy tomato sauce, garlic and sage ,first course PAPPARDELLE AL RAGU' home made pappardelle served with a tomato sauce with slow cooked beef and veal CHITARRONA a MODO MIO home made pasta shaped like thick square spaghetti in a sauce of olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, fresh spicy pepper, melted anchovies and bread crumbs ,main course GUANCETTE con POLENTA slow cooked braised veal chicks with fine chopped vegetables and red whine reduction sauce served over corn flour polenta PATATE AL FORNO con CAPPERI,OLIVE e ROSMARINO oven roasted potatoes with black olives, capers and rosemary ,DESSERT CANTUCCI e VINO LIQUOROSO home made cookies with nuts served with dessert whine PERE UBRIACHE con ZABAIONE pears cooked in red whine and served with a cream of cooked whipped egg yolks with sugar and marsala whine ESPRESSO AND MY LIMONCELLO


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  • Meat meets Pasta


Opiniones (2)

  • Dina2019-04-01
    dinner was fantastic! we enjoyed our time very much. 4.7
  • Shai2018-11-12
    Great evening and atmosphere. The food was delicious, authentic and the hosts were perfect. Highly recommended!! 5

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  • De 20:30 a 23:00

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Evento de Massimiliano

Hi my name is Massimiliano Di Matteo and I am Italian! I love food and because of that cooking became a major part of my life, I learned to cook traditional food from the region of Abruzzo from my mother Giannina and my grandmother Alessandrina and I would love you to test it! Our cuisine is based on simple ingredients cooked in the way old farmers used to do long time a go, many of my recipes are getting forgot by the new Italian generation but I had the luck tom preserve them.

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