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Ciudad de México
Corn is the basis of Mexican food, based on that, we have created a menu in which each dish includes an element of Mexican gold. Traditional food brought to our table with love and dedication. A distended environment, family style, like having a meal with good friends, good talk and good drinks and an excellent meal. APPETIZER Grasshopper Cazuelita A base of deep fried tortilla with cactus salad, tomato,red onion, coriander and cotija chesse toped with our best selection of spicy grasshopers ,STARTER Tinga Tostada Corn toast one with our specialty of chicken tinga with chipotle Pressed Pork Chicharron Quesadilla Delicious fried quesadilla stuffed with our pressed pork chicharron recipe with guajillo chile sauce. ,SOUP Corn Cream Soup Soft and delicate organic corn cream with cubes of fresh cheese and poblano chili. ,MAIN DISH Street Tacos Two of the most traditional tacos of our Mexican food, usually found in street food, brought with delicate flavors and the best ingredients. Pork taco in morita chile with nopal and poblano sliced chile taco with cream. ,DESSERT Grandma's Corn Bread Freshly baked corn bread


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  • In Corn We Trust!


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  • Paulina2018-08-14
    Emiliano has a great atmosphere in cozy Mexican apartment that makes you feel like you are in some long time ago friends house, everything in the menu proposals are great, my favorite ones where chipotle tostada with chicken tinga & the corn cream is quite special because of the rancho cheese gives it a plus, the pressed pork quesadillas are a MUST, the main course of the two tacos one with poblano rajas and onions its great but the other one with pork meat with morita is pulled and heaped onto thin tortillas, which can be augmented with a fresh red or green salsa. It’s similar to carnitas but the flavor is purer, lighter and less oily. All the food is pure Mexicana; artfully prepared and with perfect proportional dishes. About the drinks you can try many different ones craft beers, mezcal, even a tamarindo refreshment and they all are a perfect match for the timing. Cafe de olla with homemade corn bread Woow! Do not forget to try de salsa macha but easy ! its quite spicy. 5
  • Lorena2018-08-13
    The experience with Emiliano was extraordinary. His menu is a very representative sample of the most typical flavors of Mexican food. The nopal salad with grasshoppers was the perfect way to start an excellent afternoon. The quesadilla de chicharrón of the third course was one of my favorites. The corn cream was simply delicious. In this menu you should not miss the traditional tacos with blue and yellow corn tortillas. The end was perfect with a freshly baked corn bread with hot coffee. The menu is a mixture of hot and cold food, with a good dose of finger food. The drink of the house is a cocktail of mezcal with pineapple juice, it reminded me of the flavors of my childhood but a touch of adulthood and mezcal. The beers were an excellent pairing for the dishes. Emiliano is an excellent chef and host, he explained where the food came from and offer some options to taste it. It was very interesting to know the Mexican food through his dishes. This is a highly recommended experience. 5

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  • De 14:00 a 17:00

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I am a food lover,a Chef, and wine enthusiast one of the most important things in the world, it's being able to have a nice home made meal with friends and some good drinks. I was born in Mexico and then I went to live in Argentina for almost 20 years, good wine and a nice piece of meat "Asado" it's an important part of us. Right now I'm about to finish my speciality in french cuisine. Mexican food its an incredible world, it is one of the UNESCO human heritage cuisine its amazing being able to cook here in Mexico and explore all the ingredients. Here in Mexico yo can eat 365 days of the year something different without repeating. If you do not see an event on a date that works for you, please contact me so we can arrange another date or event specialy for you. Soy un amante de la cocina y de la comida, una de las cosas mas importantes en la vida es poder compartir una comida hecha en casa con las personas que quieres y una buena sobremesa con buena charla y bebidas. Junto a mi esposa Ximena hacemos un gran equipo ya que ella es una gran anfitriona y ademas a los dos nos gusta siempre probar nuevos platillos y recetas. Nací en México pero de pequeño me fui a vivir a Argentina y ahora nuevamente me encuentro acá buen vino y un excelente pedazo de carne es imprescindible para nosotros siempre poder compartir un buen asado! Justo ahora estoy por terminar mi especialidad en cocina francesa. La comida mexicana es un mundo increíble! Es una de las comidas consideradas como patrimonio de la humanidad por la UNESCO. Es maravilloso estar acá y poder explorar los distintos ingredientes y siempre poder crear una nueva receta. En México se puede comer los 365 días del año algo distinto sin repetir. Si no encuentras un evento en la fecha que te conviene por favor ponte en contacto conmigo para poder arreglar una fecha que te convenga o hasta podemos crear un evento para ti!

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