"Welcome to the flavors of America" Dinner

I will receive them with an aperitif called "canelazo" (warm water of panela ** with cinnamon and aguardiente*) *Schnapps. Liquor flavored with anise. ** Panela. Breaded sweet from sugar cane. We will enter with a delicious eggplant with grilled cheese, a main dish skewers of various proteins grilled in charcoal and grilled vegetables accompanied by baked potatoes, to bathe in exquisite sauces. We will finish with a dessert of tropical exotic fruit flavors. And I'll fire you with a delicious mountain coffee. Colombian of course! ENCHANTED NIGHT! Baked eggplant with grilled cheese Eggplant stuffed with a juicy tomato-based sauce flavored with fine herbs and roasted in the oven with 'sabanero' cheese from the region. STRONG PLATE: CARBON BROOCHES Delicious skewers of beef tenderloin, chicken, prawns and vegetables, roasted in charcoal, seasoned with spices and achiote oil, to bathe in a sauce of cashews and a mixture of chilies. Accompanied with baked potatoes with yoghurt sauce, parsley and olives. Marañón: Tropical dry fruit. As a drink a refajo (mixture of beer and Colombian soda) Dessert. Sponge of maracuya. Delicious sponge with the flavor of passion fruit strawberry (tropic acid fruit), bathed in wild blackberry sauce. Mountain coffee. and to close the night, delicious coffee from the mountains of Colombia, the softest in the world!


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  • "Welcome to the flavors of America"


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  • De 18:00 a 21:30

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Evento de Clara

I am a happy dreamer, who travels my country in search of ancestral flavors and aromas... I promise you to taste new flavors!!! We can start with an intrepid 'Hayaco Santandereano' or a 'Tamal Tolimence'. We can have lunch, a 'Cocido Boyacence' or 'Ajiaco Santafereño' and; We can dine, something Latin American, some a 'Mexican Fajitas'. For dessert, a 'Cuajada con Melao'; and finishing with a delicious coffee of the mountain and toasting with a 'Canelazo'. Welcome everyone to everyone's house !!! Soy una feliz soñadora, que recorro mi País en busca de olores y sabores ancestrales. Les prometo que probaran nuevos sabores. Podemos comenzar por un intrépido 'Hayaco Santandereano' o un 'Tamal Tolimence'. Podemos almorzar, un 'Cocido Boyacence' o un 'Ajiaco Santafereño' y cenar algo LatinoAmericano, como unas 'Fajitas Mexicanas' o unas Brochetas de carnes. De postre, una 'Cuajada con melao'. Terminando con un delicioso café de la montaña o brindando con un canelazo. Bienvenidos pues!... bienvenidos todos a la casa de todos!!!

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