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Authentic, Italian dinner with a Milanese chef Join Nadia from Milan for a vegan twist on traditional Italian food. Everything served at dinner is completely homemade, even the bread and butter! • Traditional, innovative 6-course Italian dinner with wine • Red wine and cocktails are included • Communal dining for 8 to 14 people • Nadia has over 19 rave reviews on TripAdvisor! About your host, Nadia: "Born and raised in Italy, I've lived in Milan, Paris, and Tel Aviv. I am a university teacher by day and a food researcher by night - I love trying new recipes and finding that one special ingredient that can turn any dish into a moment of perfect pleasure!" APERITIVO Frozen Bellini | ארטיק בליני The most famous of Italian cocktails, served in the most unexpected way. Let's toast to a wonderful evening together! הקוקטייל האיטלקי המפורסם, מוגש בדרך מפתיעה מאוד. לחיי אוכל טעים ומפתיע! Aperitivo goes on North vs. South | צפון ודרום My crispy, fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza "Spontini" style... I'll tell you the story behind it while you take a bite of the fluffiest of doughs הפיצה במילאנו היא לא בדיוק מה שאתם חושבים. בואו לטעום ואני אספר לכם את הסיפור מאחורי הבצק הכי רך והכי נימוח שטעמתם אי-פעם! Primo Primo Vellutata di stagione | מרק קטיפה של העונה The yummiest and silkiest of creams. Nothing like a regular soup. Believe me! תרשו לי להפתיע אתכם עם הקרם הכי קטיפתי והכי טעים שטעמתם... Secondo PRIMO Polenta al formaggio su crema di castagne e burro al tartufo | פולנטה עם גבינה על קרם כרישה וערמונים, עם חמאת כמהין Grated home-made cheese polenta, served on a cream of chestnuts and topped by a sphere of home-made truffle butter. פולנטה ביתית עם קראסט מפנק, מוגשת על קרם כרישה וערמונים יחד עם חמאת כמהין ביתית secondo Crespelle ripiene di ricotta e spinaci con pomodorini freschi | קרספלה ממולאות בריקוטה שקדים ותרד מוקפץ Home-made crespelle filled with almond ricotta and sauteed spinach, in a creamy bechamel sauce with a topping of fresh cherry tomatoes. קרפים מלוחים ביתיים ממולאים במילוי קרמי וגבינתי, ברוטב בשמל ביתי וסלט עגניות טריות Insalata Sicilian salad on a bed of cashew cheese | סלט סיציליאני על קרם קשיו ולימון Before hitting dessert, let's refresh our palates with this exquisite Sicilian recipe: thin sliced vegetables served with an orange-and-mustard vinaigrette, served on a creamy home-made cashew cheese bed. לפני הקינוח מרעננים את החך עם סלט סיציליאני מסורתי (ומשודרג)! desserts Crema al caffe' e biscotti fatti in casa | קרם קפה עם מרנג איטלקי ועוגיות חמות By the time you all get your creamy dessert, freshly-baked cookies will be coming out of the oven. And of course, it's all about coffee at the end of the meal! מוס קפה ומרנג איטלקי מתפיע, מוגש עם עוגיות חמות שהרגע יצאו מהתנור.


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  • Authentic, Italian dinner with a Milanese chef


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  • אשרת2020-01-15
    Great food, very special and unique.. the atmosphere was great and nadia was amazing!! We will come back 5
  • Itan2019-12-31
    Dinner was excellent! We weren't an easy crowd - we had 2 unplanned last minute guests, and most of us aren't vegan - and Nadia were super chilled about it, managing to provide delicious food and great atmosphere while being very informative about each dish. Highly recommended. 5

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  • De 20:00 a 23:00

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Born and raised in Italy, I have lived (and learned to cook) in Milan, Paris (where I lived for six years), and Tel Aviv (where I moved to in 2008). I am a university lecturer during the day, and a food researcher at night - I love trying new recipes and finding that one special ingredient that can turn any dish into a moment of perfect pleasure! I've always loved using my hands to create things that can make people happy: drawing, sculpture, close-up magic (yes, really) and cooking are just some of my passions. I also love books, movies, theater, trips and cuddling with my dog. And because I wish everybody on this planet to be able to cuddle with their loved ones, I have chosen not to make anyone my food... Thus turning vegan, gourmet cooking into my greatest and happiest pleasure. I promise you'll love every bit and every bite of the Italian food journey I'll cook for you!

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