A Taste of Thai - Authentic Thai Cuisine Dinner

My girlfriend and I met in Thailand. We lived together in Thailand for over a year while I lived in Thailand for over 4 years. The food was one of the main reasons why I stayed there so long. I grew up around different styles of food my entire life. I've been traveling around the world for over 10 years straight and different styles of food is what mativated me to travel even more. After traveling around Asia for quite some time, we have decorated our home with a very Thai feeling. We are very outgoing and very experienced travelers. We are open to many different kinds of outlooks on life. Enjoying life is one of the most important qualities that we have and we love meeting fellow traveleres or people who are interested in traveling who think the same way. Thai Tapas Chicken Satay Chicken Satay is probably one of the most common street food in all of Thailand. Pieces of chicken marinated overnight, then cooked on a screwer with a peanut sauce drizzled over it just before you devour it. Spicy Thai Noodles A Thai twist on noodles with a hint of spice that might just make you want to enjoy some of the Pineapple Rum punch before dinner. ,Your main course tonight Traditional Red Curry Coconut Chicken This is a very typical Thai meal. Every mouthful will leave a very distinctive flavour in your mouth. You will hope that nobody else will enjoy it as much as you do because you will want to eat it all. Cucumber Salad You won't believe how good Thai's make a cucumber salad with a couple simple ingredients, but they have to be added correctly or your taste buds won't appreciate it as much. Spicy Basil Chicken This spicy combination of chicken and spices will leave you wanting more and understand that Thai's love their food to be nice and spicy. Larb Moo Larb Moo is a tradional cold mince pork salad. This amazing combination of fresh herbs and spices will hopefully make you understand why this dish is my personal favorite thai dish. ,Dessert Fried Banana and Sugar This tradional desert is found in almost every food market in Thailand.


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  • A Taste of Thai - Authentic Thai Cuisine


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  • Abdulla2019-01-05
    Good food, good atmosphere, great experience! Definitely better than going to a restaurant! 5
  • Catherine2018-11-19
    This was our first Eat With dining experience and the four of us were delighted with our evening at Archie and Aurelie’s place. From the moment we walked in the door, we felt welcomed and relaxed. The Thai food was amazing and plentiful - a very authentic menu. Archie even invited us into the kitchen to show us how he prepares the dishes. During the course of the evening we enjoyed hearing all about our hosts’ travels - they are great company. I can 100% recommend the Thai dining experience and would definitely go again. 5

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  • De 20:00 a 23:00

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Hello Everyone: I'm a Canadian who got lost traveling around the world for over 10 years. I've found my way into Madrid, Spain and we plan on calling Spain home. We love the culture, people, and more importantly the food. During my travels, food was always an important part of the trip. After spending my childhood growing up in restaurant kitchens if rubbed off on me. I have grown into becoming an amazing individual who can make your taste buds go for a wild ride. After spending over 4 years in Thailand and learning how to make traditional Thai food, I would love to have you and your friends over for "A Taste of Thai". It will be an authentic Thai experience.

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