Berliner-Zimmer Dinner Party by GAiETY Dinner

Hello, my name Luiz Luz and I’m a Brazilian-German citizen living in Berlin since 2010 and I love cooking and meeting new people. My passion is to connect different cultures through creative and delicious food; I guess I could say that I work in International Relations for flavours. In my kitchen everything is possible, traditional recipes meet new ingredients and surprise always the palate of my guests. For this great night i prepared a four courses menu with the best of the German winter . The recipes are unique. Berliner Zimmer elegance and gorgeous fun for your palate. Drinks: Aperitif, Wine Pairing, Digestif, Coffee & Unlimited Water (01 Coffee & Unlimited Water for free) The donation for the drinks will be collected before the dinner the Dinner: 25€ pp (Optional) We want to have FUN. Prepare yourself to contribute to our „Dinner-Party Playlist“. To dance is allowed put on your heels baby! To sum up the evening in my own words your evening will consist of a Bougie COCKtail followed by an entrée of elegance, a spectacle of superlatives, delicately crowned with the sort of decadence. NB all dishes have the possibility to be vegetarian and all other options can be discussed. Dress code: Extravagant, Exotic or Winter GAiETY remains largely free of sexual connotations and has, in the past, been used in the names of places of entertainment. By the late 17th century it had acquired the specific meaning of "addicted to pleasures and dissipations“ Berliner Zimmer menu Gin Coriander Smash Sour Welcome Drink Macarons with Tapenade, Sour-Cream and Caviar Amuse-Gueule Cremant Cream of Peas with Whipped Cream, Mint Pesto and Black Bred Starter White Mushroom Wellington on Celery Bed Puree + Young Leafy Salad with Caramel Apple and Gorgonzola Main Course Red Cocktail Lemon Cheesecake With Wild Berries Dessert Coffee Digestive


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  • Berliner-Zimmer Dinner Party by GAiETY


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  • Petra2019-05-19
    The meal was very tasty, the atmosphere so nice and everything wonderful! A great dinner and a great crowd of people. We can fully recommend it! Petra & Bernd 4
  • Art2019-05-19
    Wow. Our dinner @ Luiz's place was beyond incredible. Stop looking and book this experience! Together with Richard and Camilla, they made us feel like home. The food was amazing and it’s obvious that Luiz loves what he does - the attention to details and the fresh ingredients he used were apparent and turned it all into a unique dining experience. Also, Luiz did above and beyond to accommodate my husband’s birthday by preparing a special cake and toasting for his birthday. Thanks Luiz and we hope to come again soon! 5

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  • De 19:00 a 23:00

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Welcome to GAiETY, a crew of friends that combines Food & Fun. Growing up in a small town in southeast Brazil and influenced by his mother’s traditional cuisine, Luiz grew up to be a self taught Head Chef with an exquisite palate for good food. Initially emigrating to Lisbon, he got to enrich his skills with the mediterranean flavours and tastes. After traveling through Europe and diving into its gastronomy delights, he settled down in Berlin where the eccentric lifestyle and the colourful mixture of cultures had a major impact in his life and cooking style. In 2018 he founded the “GAiETY Dining Experience”: a dream that came to life through passion for good food, emotions and desire to share it with the rest of the world. “I love cooking and meeting new people. My passion is to merge different cultures through creative and delicious food. I can say I am an International Ambassador of flavours.” With 18 years of experience, Daniela is a successful set designer who believes in the fusion of art and gastronomy as the key element to a perfect get-together experience. Having previously lived in metropolises like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, she moved to the german capital in 2018 where she met Luiz and immediately fell in love with his project. Developing an environment of aesthetics that compliments the world of culinary senses, she is a vital member of the GAiETY Team,. "The gastronomic experience unites people, and the scenography frames this celebration."

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