Caffeine Overdose Dinner Dinner

Caffeine Overdose Dinner Spring awakening on the hard way! Not yet awake enough for 2019? Then you should get a coffee menu with 4 courses for the special kick! Land on Miss Sophie's Planet for an evening and explore a culinary cosmos in a wonderful setting in an intimate atmosphere. welcome Drink Coffee Cocktail


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  • Caffeine Overdose Dinner


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  • De 19:00 a 22:00

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Evento de Cornelia

Culinary Adventures on Miss Sophie’s Planet Land for an evening on Miss Sophie's Planet and explore in an intimate atmosphere a culinary and creative cosmos in an extraordinary space. Those who want to get to the culinary treasure chest, must first traverse through a dusky fairy-tale forest of white birches, fly-mushrooms and the in-between bustling mythical creatures. Miss Sophie’s Planet is a magical cosmos in which Miss Sophie unites all her creative talents. Press releases: * *Minute 12-17: All meals are prepared by Miss Sophie herself! Organic food, such as spelled spelt flour and organic eggs are standard, as well as vegetables, meat and wine in organic quality find utmost use in the kitchen.

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