SPIRITUAL SHABBAT DINNER IN JERUSALEM A WORD ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Experience a magical, authentic Shabbat dinner with hosts Osnat and Rabbi Shaul and their group of Yeshiva students, featuring Kabbalah, Hassidic teachings and study, singing and even dancing! • Multi-course Kosher Shabbat dinner made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, Kosher Le’Mehadrin • Israeli wines and soft drinks are included, guests can also BYOB • Communal dining for up to 25 people • Osnat and Shaul have rave reviews on TripAdvisor! About your host, Osnat & Shaul: "It makes us very happy to see people from all over the world and I love planning this experience. I am an artist and event producer, and Shaul teaches Judaism, spirituality, and Kabbalah. All meals are made on the premises from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Together, with the help of our daughters who cook, bake and serve, every dinner is a celebration!" APPETIZERS HOME-MADE MEDITERRENIAN-INSPIRED SALADS Hummus, Tahini, Eggplant-Salads, Beet Salad, Egg Salad, Matbuha, Dried Tomatoes Salad & more. HOME MADE, ORGANIC, SPELT HALLAH SHABBAT FISH NORTH AFRICAN-INSPIRED FRIDAY NIGHT FISH DISHES MAIN COURSE ROAST BEEF, LAMB, CHICKEN & TURKEY DISHES SIDE DISHES: RICE, POTATOES, SWEET POTAOES, GREEN BEANS and more Vegetarian Options: GRILLED TOFU, GROUND SAUTED VEGI-BEEF / VEGTABLES DESSERT HOME MADE CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE, COOKIES, CAKES, ICES DRINKS & BEVERAGES Red Wine, Guests can bring alcohol, Wine


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  • Charissa2019-08-09
    This was the high light of our Jerusalem experience. Very kind hosts, the food was super delicious, great wine, great conversation, it was just perfect. I highly recommend this experience! 5
  • James2019-07-30
    What a special experience having a Shabbat meal with Osnat was. The delicious food served was only the beginning. The food was so fresh and flavoursome. It's incredibly hard when the food is this good, because you need to force yourself to keep leaving room for all the food to come! And the roast potatoes - even better than my Grandmother makes, which is a huge deal! If the superb food wasn't enough, the whole shabbat experience here was truely memorable. It was spiritual, cultural and allowed me to connect with people from all around the world. This is not only a fantastic culinary experience, but a wonderful cultural and personal experience too. Highly recommended, and a big thank you to Osnat and her family! 5

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  • De 20:30 a 23:00

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My Shabbat Spiritual Experience is the high point of our week. It makes us very happy to see people from all over the world enjoying this awsome experience and this is why I am so happy to plan it and prepare for this great weekly event. I am an artist and a producer of art and events. For many years I am focusing on ancient Sacred Jewish Art and bringing the awerness to it to the public through producing art based on ancient traditions and motifs in the areas of jewelery, embridery and paintings. This art is involved with a rich spiritual content. Shaul, is teaching Judaism, spirituality and Kabbalah for many years and he turns the dinners into a learning experience. Together, with the help of our daughters who cook, bake and serve, every dinner is a celebration!

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