MILANO-TOKYO: La Cucina di Nadia hosts TivonEat! Dinner

Tel Aviv-Yafo
MILANO-TOKYO: La Cucina di Nadia hosts TivonEat! נדיה ושקמה מהבלוג TivonEat מזמינות אתכם להצטרף לשולחן הטבעוני הכי טעים בעיר! המטבח היפני המסורתי, ששקמה למדה לאורך שנים ארוכות ביפן, פוגש את המטבח האיטלקי המסורתי שנדיה גדלה עליו במילאנו לסדרת ארוחות משגעות שאתם לא רוצים לפספס! בואו לערב בלתי נשכח של אוכל גורמה, אלכוהול נפלא, מוזיקה משמחת ואווירה חגיגית. Nadia and Shikma met in Tel Aviv, but they both lived many, many years abroad: Nadia was born and raised in Italy, and Shikma lived for nine years in distant Japan. During the past years, each in her own way, they have both made a name for themselves in the Israeli vegan community: Nadia has been hosting vegan Italian dinners in her Cucina since 2015, and Shikma has brought amazing vegan recipes to thousands of people through her famous TivonEat blog. In this special edition of summer gourmet dinners, La Cucina di Nadia hosts TivonEat for a unique night of surprises: come join us for an evening of pure beauty, delightful flavors, joyful music and great fun! ***Is this your first Eatwith dinner? Use the code 5BE0B64F for a special discount on your couple reservation!*** MILANO-TOKYO Let's toast to a wonderful night together בואו נתחיל את הערב עם קוקטייל מפתיע ומרענן. לחיי כל הכיף שהולך להיות לנו ביחד!


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  • MILANO-TOKYO: La Cucina di Nadia hosts TivonEat!


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  • Shira2019-08-21
    Amazing experience! Nadia is so nice and welcoming, and the food was delicious! Highly recommend!!! 🤩 5
  • Ramona2019-08-21
    Beautiful evening, with nice people and amazing Vegan Italian food. Every dish was special and unique with explanation before each course. Nadja is a wonderful hostess . I felt like in a friends house. Thank you 5

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  • De 20:00 a 23:00

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Born and raised in Italy, I have lived (and learned to cook) in Milan, Paris (where I lived for six years), and Tel Aviv (where I moved to in 2008). I am a university researcher during the day, and a food researcher at night - I love trying new recipes and finding that one special ingredient that can turn any dish into a moment of perfect pleasure! I've always loved using my hands to create things that can make people happy: drawing, sculpture, close-up magic (yes, really) and cooking are just some of my passions. I also love books, movies, theater, trips and cuddling with my dog. And because I wish everybody on this planet to be able to cuddle with their loved ones, I have chosen not to make anyone my food... Thus turning vegan, gourmet cooking into my greatest and happiest pleasure. I promise you'll love every bit and every bite of the Italian food journey I'll cook for you!

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