Mediterranean Brunch | בראנץ' ים תיכוני Brunch

Mediterranean Brunch | בראנץ' ים תיכוני בסלון שלנו אנחנו מארחים אתכם לבראנץ ים תיכוני, התפריט מבוסס חומרי גלם ים תיכוניים מקומים ועונתיים, לפי הנמצא בשוק ואדי ניסנס כמובן שאוזו ויין יהיו גם והמרפסת מול הים פתוחה תמיד (: שפע של מנות ים תיכוניות משתנות בבראנץ' יוגשו מבחר גבינות מבית באשר פרומאז'רי וקפה משובח מבית Beanz


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  • Mediterranean Brunch | בראנץ' ים תיכוני


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  • Abramovich2020-01-19
    We had a great time, Erez is wonderful, has a lot of knowledge and a good willing and passion to share it. 5
  • Bar2019-12-20
    הייתה אווירה מאוד נחמדה , אוכל מאוד מגוון ומפתיע. 4

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  • De 11:00 a 13:30

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Evento de Erez

Since I was a child I was responsible for the family dinners, which gave me a huge pleasure and an endless calmness. As a child I remember being interested and curious about food and always asked for explanations. Somehow I still remember most of them.. When I grew up I traveled by myself and got to know different cuisines, especially Asian. i have lived in Shanghai and there, except for the music, movies and arts that I discovered, I also found myself spending hours and days at the markets, amazed by the huge diversity and the tastes I wasn't aware of before. I mostly ate street food and at the small local restaurants. After my return I dedicated myself to my art- I drew oil & water paintings and studied fashion design. Along the way, the kitchen has always given me the fullest satisfaction and happiness, it's where I really feel at home and most creative. My heart is open and I want to give and to feed. My biggest pleasure is to feed people and to bring smiles to their faces and stomachs. The kitchen is where my passion and creativity are being most reflected and expressed, and I'm happy to share it with you.

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