Donut Masterclass with the Donut King Cooking classes

Donut Masterclass with the Donut King Indulge in this immersive sweet treat experience with The Master Chef Donut King in his New York donut shop! • A stand up history of donuts • Make 3 donut flavors of your choice • Enjoy all-you-can-eat donuts • Cocktail pairings and coffee included Donuts and drinks A Dozen fresh donuts With coffee and cocktails A two hour master class in donuts by the Donut King


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  • Donut Masterclass with the Donut King


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  • De 18:30 a 21:00

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Evento de Scottish Francis

Chef Scottish Francis here from Masterchef. Since leaving the show I have been working on my Donut Game and finally have my own shop in NYC. Come to Astoria and join me while I make a variety Donuts and Dossants right in front of your eyes, a lucky few will get to help and all will leave with Donuts. Come join me on Wednesday evening for Donuts and drinks.

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