Berlin in Brooklyn: Modern German Cuisine in Williamsburg Dinner

Berlin in Brooklyn: Modern German Cuisine in Williamsburg Dive into modern, German cuisine without leaving New York! Experience classic German dishes with a modern twist. • Savory 4 course tasting menu • Complimentary aperitif & digestif. Guests can buy drinks at the bar. • Communal dining for 12 to 18 guests • Casual atmosphere About host Daniel: I am German and live in Berlin. I come to New York every year to enjoy the spirit and energy of this wonderful city! By diving into the streets and soaking up new ideas especially when it comes to food I want to return that f(l)avor. Aperitif variations of bread, butter & salt To start the dinner we'll enjoy a variation of German bread, coming with different sorts of butter and homemade variations of flavored salt first course potato soup with that Thai twist The usually very savory and heavy potato soup will be lighted up with coconut milk, cilantro & mint oil and pesto and roasted German ham second course pikeperch ceviche with apple, cucumber & dill Usually the pikeperch is being pan fried and then served with roasted cucumber. Not this time! We'll enjoy the raw fish, marinated to a ceviche with lime. Its flavor will be accompanied with green apples & cucumber third course veal filet with beetroot & redwine sauce, hasselback potatoes & crispy capers This dish is based on the classic recipe for "Königsberger Klops" which is a sort of meatball from the former city of Königsberg in East Prussia. It is usually served with a creamy sauce, potatoes & marinated beetroot. I will use the ingredients to make this dish a finer version of itself. fourth course Petit Four: Berliner Luft Usually "Berliner Luft" is translated to "the air of Berlin" and as a desert it simply is whipped egg & white wine with raspberry puree. Also, "Berliner Luft" is the name of a very popular mint schnapps. At the dinner the Berliner Luft will become a little cake, filled with raspberry ganache and will then be covered with a mint schnapps glaze. digestif A bit of German cheese, crackers & fruit mustard To finalize this dinner there will be a selection of German cheese to have with crackers and a home made mustard made with physalis & ginger. Of course a herbal schnapps from Berlin won't be missing.


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  • Berlin in Brooklyn: Modern German Cuisine in Williamsburg


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As a kid I loved to sneak into my parent's kitchen on weekends and prepare breakfast. I loved baking and cooking and luckily, my family was/ is very open to new food items. So we tried out a lot. But then I studied International Marketing Management in the Netherlands, the USA &, it never occurred to me to become a trained chef. Thru my time abroad I learned a LOT about other cultures, people and of course myself. But after my studies I moved to Berlin and worked for a couple of years in marketing. In August 2011 I opened my dining room for the first time to strangers and friends as the supper club "Daniel's Eatery" and ever since I host the dinners on a regular base and welcome people from all over the workd to a five course menu. It is amazing to share stories, experiences and meet people you would certainly never have met or talked to...

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