A SPIRITUAL 'KOTEL TOUR' WITH BRUNCH in Jerusalem A Spiritual Kotel Tour with a Jerusalem Style Brunch (for a private event, Groups of 25-35 people) I am used to hosting people for spiritual meals since I got married (it was 1984). Today, with my husband and daughters, we love hosting, meeting new faces, hearing new stories and our biggest dream just came true and that is our new home just minutes away from Jaffa Gate and Mamilla. Cooking the meals is a family celebration. This event is made of two stages, 'A Spiritual Kotel Tour' with my husband, Rabbi Shaul, that will take the group into the spiritual and meditative dimension of the Holy Site together with the archaeology and the history. From the Western Wall my husband will walk home with the group. A Jerusalem Style Dairy Brunch will be served including a discussion about the topics the group will choose, based on Jewish Spiritual Wisdom, Kabbalah, Hassidic teachings, Positive Thinking given by my husband. APPETIZERS HOME-MADE MEDITERRANEAN-INSPIRED SALADS & DIPS Rachel's Special Hummus & Tahini, Yogurt Cheese (Labaneh) Dips with Mediterranean Herbs, Olive Oil & Olives Grilled Eggplant Salads Roasted Peppers & Tomatoes Matbuḥa FRESHLY BAKED BREADS & PITA'S Gluten Free Bread available by order MAIN COURSE MEDITERRANEAN-INSPIRED SALMON Fresh ingredients, fresh spices & delicious creative recipes JERUSALEM PASTA with Seasonal Herbs GREEN FRESH LETTUCE & CHERRY TOMATOES SALAD SWEET POTATOES SOUP / LENTILS SOUP / ONIONS SOUP During the winter season ISRAELI WINES WILL BE SERVED THROUGHOUT THE MEAL Soft drinks and mineral water will be served, in abundance DESSERT HOT CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE & ICE CREAM COFFEE CORNER Hot water, Coffee, Tea, Herbal Teas


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  • Kevin2020-02-09
    Shabbat with Rabbi Shaul and Osnat was like a wonderful experience. Even though the group was large and new to us, we felt like we were enjoying Shabbat with friends and family we have known all our lives. We cannot say enough positive words to describe the Shabbat dinner! 5
  • Wolfgang2020-02-04
    We had a wonderful Shabbat Dinner with our hosts Osnat and Rabbi Shaul and maybe 15 Torah students around the age of 22. We were deeply touched by the friendliness and openness that was shown to us. The students were such nice and wonderful persons. You could feel the positive soul of your teacher, Rabbi Shaul, in them. The whole evening will be unforgettable for us. The food was great too. Many thanks to our hosts and the great guys. 5

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  • De 11:00 a 14:00

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My Shabbat Spiritual Experience is the high point of our week. It makes us very happy to see people from all over the world enjoying this awsome experience and this is why I am so happy to plan it and prepare for this great weekly event. I am an artist and a producer of art and events. For many years I am focusing on ancient Sacred Jewish Art and bringing the awerness to it to the public through producing art based on ancient traditions and motifs in the areas of jewelery, embridery and paintings. This art is involved with a rich spiritual content. Shaul, is teaching Judaism, spirituality and Kabbalah for many years and he turns the dinners into a learning experience. Together, with the help of our daughters who cook, bake and serve, every dinner is a celebration!

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