HAPPY SHARING FOOD We always had a dream. Since we were young, we both worked in the restaurant industry. Somehow (lucky for us) we found each other, we always talked about hosting people in our own private place. Reut will be in charge of the decoration and the warm hosting, she will always make sure your glass of wine is full, and immediately you will fall in love with her unique way of organizing such a warm and beautiful place. Shaked is in charge of the cooking, with a lot of love and a creative mind, her way is to go to the market and collect ideas by the fresh supplies the market is offering. Somehow, we arrived in paris, and are love to food just keeps on growing. Help us fulfill are dream, let us make for you a perfect, fresh, beautiful meal and be a part of our small family. Looking forward to meet you. Shaked & reut Appetizer Spoon of love Small sharing appetizers Starter Shuk salad Balkan Burekas Balkan Burekas Mediterranean style Main Fresh mussels Pile of fresh mussels in a Turkish salad Dessert Watermelon ceviche


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The move to Paris was part of Shaked's culinary journey and part of her professional progress as the sous chef of Balagan's restaurant in Paris. We lived in Paris for two and a half years and shared the rainy and sometimes boiling city together, with great pleasure. We obliged to learn, taste, knew, visit and cook, and know that one day we would build an intimate tasting salon of our own, where we would share all the tastes we gathered with true knowledge that "It's for the guests" there we will cook our dinners and combine our love, Shaked responsible on cooking and culinary creations and I, Reut on hosting, taking care of a pleasant, family like and mostly fun atmosphere. We are happy to host you, but most of all we want to move you with the taste of our food, the stories and the laughter. Every night is one of a kind, join us.

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