Introducing Madrid & Tortilla de Patata Exp. Cooking classes

Introducing Madrid & Tortilla de Patata Exp. - Its much more than a dinner; strating with a pretty 30 minutes local tour with this experience you will know the origins of Madrid, the way of life of our inhabitants and the evolution of the city until it becomes what it is today: one of the most cosmopolitan towns in the world. - Before cooking, we will start introducing ourselves tasting local meals and beers or drinks. - After that ii will be "Tortilla time": be ready for being part of: scraping the potatoes, cutting them into thick slices, chopping the onions, beating the eggs, etc... - Please, be sure that this experience has food enough to complete a great dinner. - One more thing, please, do not worry: at the end of the experience, I will give you the recipe and all the tips about Madrid properly in a dossier ;) Welcome home! This is the "not only eggXperience Menú: -Starters: Mediterranean salads Spanish cured cheese & iberian sausage Bread with tomatoe and spanish olive oil -Main Course: Learn how to make & taste the best Tortilla de Patata Desert: Ice Cream. -Drinks: Water, Beers, Cokes/Fanta, Red Wine: Enate Crianza D.O. Somontano 2015


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  • Introducing Madrid & Tortilla de Patata Exp.


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  • De 20:30 a 23:00

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Hi, everyone! My name is Fran. I moved to Madrid six years ago from my little village in the norht of Spain to opening here my own guided tours company. During 2,5 hours, we will do a big traditional "tortilla de patatas", mixed with hand made bread, salads, starters and drinks. Please, NOTE that the experience includes food enough to COMPLETE a great lunch/dinner.

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