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Authentic Italian Dinner in The Upper East Side Find a change of pace and enjoy a traditional Italian meal in New York City. Join Host Marisa, who has taken her expertise into the culinary world after working in the fashion industry. Here, you'll witness her expertise as she delicately balances textures and flavors to satisfy your senses as well as learn about her simply and joyful cooking style. This cozy experience is filled with food, fun, and new friends. What to expect: • An authentic 4-course Italian meal made for 4-6 guests; great for groups • Enjoy a digestif, which is included in your dinner • Gather around Host Marisa's welcoming table and learn about Italian cooking techniques and philosophy • Please specify dietary restrictions upon booking—all food is made with fresh, organic ingredients If interested in a private party, message Marisa. Antipasto Antipasto Spinach Omelette or Mini Eggplant and Zucchini Soufflés or Cheese Omelette made with Fresh Herbs Primo Rigatoni al Ragù Bolognese Traditional pasta with tomato purée and a mix of pork-beef-veal meat cooked in red wine. You may also have a choice of fresh-made lasagne layered with ragù and cheese. Secondo Roasted Pork or Beef Tenderloin with Aromatic Herbs Contorno Seasonal Roasted or Sautéed Vegetables or Seasonal Salad Dolce Crostata Traditional Pie with Fruit Spread or Fresh Made Ice Cream


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  • Authentic Italian Dinner in The Upper East Side


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  • Matt2020-02-08
    Thank you for a lovely night Marisa. We had a great time! 5
  • Gianni2020-01-26
    Marisa has a special gift: she shares with you her love for what she does, unbelievable food, passion and unique hospitality. When we got to her place for dinner we felt genuinely welcomed. We were treated with delicious dishes, one better then the other! As Italians we couldn’t believe we were having a truly Italian dinner in NYC. Grazie Marisa for bringing us back in Italy for few hours. 5

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  • De 19:00 a 21:00

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Evento de Marisa

Growing up in a small village in Molise, a region in Southern Italy, the kitchen has been the center of my home. And still is today in NYC where I moved ten years ago with my family. The emotional memory is so deep inside of me that it keeps coming back every time I prepare a meal. Wherever life has been taking me and during every stage of my life, cooking has changed as I evolved as a person: daughter, community server, wife, mom, friend, and host. From learning family recipes to burning lots of pots, from just feeding my kids to elaborating personal dishes, from having many friends over to days of no cooking at all, I finally asserted my style, cooking simple recipes with carefully selected ingredients. I improved my skills in the kitchen after attending a culinary school in Milan, La Scuola della Cucina Italiana, where I learned the fundamentals of cooking and safety in the kitchen. Today cooking for me is about being honest in regards to food sourcing and preparation by using essential ingredients without waste. Three acts that define where I come from and what I value the most for a meaningful culinary experience at my table. Having worked for almost a decade in the fashion industry, my guests can expect a tailored made menu where all senses must be satisfied with a perfect balance of shape, cut, color and flavor in every dish :) Food must be delicious, always! You are invited to sit at my table. Warmly, Marisa

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