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Kids in the Kitchen - CrOissAnTs Introduce the kids to the wonderful world of French ‘pâtisserie’—or pastry-making—on this hands-on and family-friendly cookery workshop in Paris. Under the watchful eye of your instructor, stretch and slice your dough with your young protégé, and hear helpful hints and tricks to make the perfect pastries. Color your croissants for a more child-friendly breakfast, and hear the hidden secrets of ‘viennoiseries’ and French pastries. PS: -please note the reservation must be done for at least 2spots (one kid and one guardian/parent, kids cannot be leave at place alone) -this experience is designed for kids from 4 up to 12years old Croissants & Pain au Chocolat


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  • Kids in the Kitchen - CrOissAnTs


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  • Selina2019-07-21
    How was it??? It was a different time than what was posted. The host and EatWith can’t get it together to post the correct time so I missed the event. The host told me one time then the confirmation I received was a completely different time. Waste of money. 1.7
  • LaZendra2019-07-03
    Our host Lorena was absolutely AMAZING! She was so informative and a great teacher. Once we finished the class we enjoyed a wonderful dining experience eating the crepes and gallettes that we made. I would highly recommend this class. 5

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  • De 10:00 a 12:00

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We are a team from Venezuela, living in France, who loves to cook and share with people our passion on food and culture. We are the creators of Aten-Te Aute, organizing experiences in Paris to live like a local. Welcome to our Aute (home) for a great cooking class.

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