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A Culinary Journey Through Europe in Manhattan Enjoy signature European dishes for this season that work well together and have the power to bring new stories and fresh conversations to life. Think about this evening as a European umami festival, with wine, stories of New York City, and new friends! It's about mindfulness, joy, and the magic of being together. (Get $12 off your first experience, $105 minimum, using my code 6F1DD1BE at the checkout.) Starter Tapenade Crostini A bite of the Mediterranean sea. It's what makes wine flow. A Shot of Quince Spirits The most loved fragrance of continental Europe. Appetizer - Croatia Stone Dish Bread Just-baked. Earth, moisture, crust. Ajvar Red pepper gold. Kajmak It's what cheese always wanted to be. Fermented in wooden barrels, soothing. Suho Meso Maple tree smoked aged organic beef. Salad - Italy Toscana Nostra What can burrata do in New York City? Main Dish - France or Bosnia Pintada Au Vin Coq au Vin (Rooster in Wine) is an epic French dish, a part of national heritage, that will catapult you into the collective subconscious of hundreds of years of rustic farm eating in the Burgundy region. We will drop the Coq though, and use Pintada (a.k.a. Guinea Fowl), a West African bird that I can best describe as “what chicken was 100 years ago." What great chefs call “the ultimate bird” is now found in great restaurants across Europe. Trust a big pot, trust our shared life. Sarma This is one of those dishes where it is not all about the broth, or all about the texture, or all about any one ingredient. It all has to work together. A twelve-ingredient dance party. Organic meat with spices and secrets rolled in savoy cabbage, then slowly cooked in the broth made of white wine, garlic, and natural smoke. Topped with European style yogurt and paprika/ghee fusion. This Bosnian umami-layered dish will dispel your doubts about the hospitality of your own life. Be hugged. (Prepared with organic beef, organic poultry, or vegetarian) Dessert - Austria or Italy Ernte Komfort Harvest. Comfort. Panettone Amaretto Pudding Warm winter.


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  • A Culinary Journey Through Europe in Manhattan


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  • Kristine2019-12-02
    What a special experience -Samir is a master chef par none. It was a sumptuous, exciting feast and so much fun! The setting: Samir’s home is beautiful with gorgeous views, and he is a warm, fascinating person. From the outset Samir made it easy to fall into conversation with other guests and it was a merry atmosphere. The food was more delicious than I can convey. Plus it was great fun seeing the reactions from others. Outstanding! Delectable! Clearly, every course was made from the finest, freshest ingredients in a very creative way. This was an unforgettable, joyful evening eating with Samir! My mouth waters just thinking about it! 5
  • Maria2019-11-25
    My husband and I live in Miami and during our yearly Thanksgiving visit to NY, we took my sister in law and husband to a dinner with Sammir. Sammir and his wife were very welcoming. Their place was warm and had a nice atmosphere. We stared with a toast of a European drink (Quince Spirit) followed by some delicious spreads on freshly baked bread. Each meal that was served was delicious and had story that made it even more special. Overall it was a great experience filled with great food and a fantastic group of people that shared their love for food. Thank you Sammir for making our experience memorable and we'll be taking about this day year after year every time we get together with my NY family. 5

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  • De 19:00 a 21:30

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I grew up in a Croatian family that was heaven-bent on cooking. Under the daily tutelage of my mom, dad, and older sister, three cooks who taught me how to live, love and make the best Sarma (a complex yet adaptable Bosnian dish to take over the world soon), I had racked up 10,000 hours in the kitchen by the time I was sixteen. (Missed lots of soccer games and parties. And loved it!) Living between Adriatic, Italian, German, Bosnian, Hungarian, and Turkish cuisines, we were adept at discovering dishes and their stories. We would travel from Tuscany to Istanbul and from Split to Munich. Upon returning home, we would get experiments started. Back in 6th grade, I guest-hosted a cooking show on Croatian national TV channel. Today, it is mostly about New York City and the rich immigrant tradition that makes New York City so special. She (NYC) is full of culinary artists, fresh ingredients, healthy choices, and ways to pack old dishes and new techniques into food that will awake and nourish anyone willing to learn and travel the world through NYC kitchens. Cooking, like life, is the place of constant transformation. You only need to recognize two or three wholesome ingredients in your story, your relationships, or in your kitchen (every one of us has them, no doubt) and get enchanted with what's possible. Although my first love is Croatian cuisine, and while Balkan and Tuscan cooking is my heart’s home, I love to challenge, experiment, and learn, while always being in touch with the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air. I love to search the city for extraordinary finds that can transport people across the globe, across their own memories and dreams, and across the table to a new friend. Come, sit, and feast on your life. Feel at home in the world. It’s beautiful. "Samir is a storyteller and he does have stories to tell." ~ New York Times Eatwith events I am planning to do in the future ( Which one would you like?) Croatian North Croatian South Big Red Pot Series East European Latin Fusion (it's time to use smoked turkey and pickled onion in at taco!) Balkan Japanese Fusion (there is a straight line there) Umami Fest City Finds (awesome ingredients from NYC that people don't know about) New Story Dinner and Toast (everyone's journey gets celebrated) Vegetarian Feast Seas Trip on Shrooms Food Church in Harlem (think dirty gospel and taste-imonies) Guest Chef Russell Chin Guest Chef Peter Steen Mindful and Magical Eating Cooking Class: Throw away the recipes, stop watching the shows, and start enjoying cooking

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