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⭐️Sip, Sites & Bites⭐️ Join us on a 2000 year magical journey through three of the most vibrant neighborhoods: Barceloneta, Barri Gotic, and El Born. Our passionate, knowledgeable guides will bring the history of Barcelona to life on your 3.5-hour tasting journey. During your tour, we will mix history with the traditions of the neighborhoods that we will be exploring with wonderful, authentic food like the legendary "Pa amb Tomàquet", the famous Patatas Bravas, and much more! Accompanied by an assortment of locally made cheeses, cured meats, and yes, heavenly house-made sparkling wine and Cava, the classic Vermut and the refreshing "Clara", a truly delicious drink! This tour experience is the best of both worlds, with incredible food and 2000 years of history, all rolled into one amazing Tour. You will get to immerse yourself at the Medieval streets and alleyways of the Old Roman City of Barcino, nowadays Barcelona. Not to mention that you will also explore some fantastic hidden family-run restaurants, bodegas & taverns. With this Tour, you are going to have wonderful, unique memories of Barcelona’s tastes and smells that will linger long after your trip is over! Cava & Sparkling Wine with Tapas The first stop you try Spain's amazing Jamoń Serrano with Don Manchego Cheese alongside the chistorra de Navarra is the famous sausage typical from Navarra. Taste our must-try drink called Cava and Sparkling wine regional wine. La Bomba, Best Patatas Bravas & Pan amb Tomàquet, Clara Beer 2nd stop - will make your tastebuds happy. Try the best Patatas Bravas in the City along with a local dish created over 80 years from Barceloneta called La Bomba. served with Catalan favorite Pan amb Tomàquet/ bread with rub tomato. Wash it all down with a Clara/lemonade beer. Fried Eggplant, Steak and Salad with Wine Third stop - enjoy life-changing Berenjena crujiente con Miel/fried eggplant with honey, oh so tender Steak Pintxo, and salad served with White or Red wine Porrón - Tomato Salad, Fried Fish Catalan Sauage Final stop - Try your luck with the centries old drinking vessel called the Porrón with rose wine. very tasty tomato salad with sweet onions and olive oil. Fried fish called Boquerones and Catalan regional sausages called Botifarra.


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I have lived in different cities around the world like Sydney, Buenos Aires, Panama City, London, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and a few others. I've been fortunate to live in Barcelona for over 3.5 years, trying to eat every bit of this city. Only some of the best local food and drinks this world-renowned city has to offer. Let me show you my beloved Barcelona!

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