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Venezuelan AREPA Workshop We are delighted to welcome you into our table to experience a marvelous taste of Venezuela! Venezuela has a large and diverse regional cooking that has its own regional cuisine, nevertheless, there is one thing that distinguishes us, is our main bread that we call 'Arepa'; being made from precooked or raw cornflour (gluten free). We invite you to have a look at our very first menu and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. Our bests, Los amigos venezolanos #Atenteaute MAin dish - Arepa 2 Arepas (based on corn flour - gluten free) -Dough flavour (in function of chosen filling): Plain white (oats) Red beet (beetroot) Orange (carrot) -Filling (please choose one filling per serving/service) : Reina Pepiada: avocado, chicken and mayonnaise Domino: white cheese and black beans Perico: scramble eggs with onions and tomato Drinks Papelón juice (based on lemon and raw cane syrup)


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  • Venezuelan AREPA Workshop


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  • Selina2019-07-21
    How was it??? It was a different time than what was posted. The host and EatWith can’t get it together to post the correct time so I missed the event. The host told me one time then the confirmation I received was a completely different time. Waste of money. 1.7
  • LaZendra2019-07-03
    Our host Lorena was absolutely AMAZING! She was so informative and a great teacher. Once we finished the class we enjoyed a wonderful dining experience eating the crepes and gallettes that we made. I would highly recommend this class. 5

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  • De 19:00 a 21:00

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We are a team from Venezuela, living in France, who loves to cook and share with people our passion on food and culture. We are the creators of Aten-Te Aute, organizing experiences in Paris to live like a local. Welcome to our Aute (home) for a great cooking class.

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