Homemade Pasta Masterclass in the Heart of Madrid Cooking classes

I will teach you how to make perfect handmade italian pasta from scratch. We will use a selection of ingredients as I strongly believe in the importance of quality to make simple dishes with great taste. We will make two classic traditional pastas: ravioli and tagliatelle. When we are finished we will cook and eat our pasta. Che buono! Let's make pasta Ravioli/Tagliatelle ,Lunch ,Red Wine


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  • Homemade Pasta Masterclass in the Heart of Madrid


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  • Meg2019-05-14
    Antonio was a delightful host and the food was amazing. He was communicative and made every accommodation to our tight travel schedule. We literally got off the plane and took a cab to his place and then flew out the next morning. It turned a very ordinary "layover" into an experiential pleasure. The focaccia was particularly good and the fresh burrata cheese was delicious. The only disappointment was a change from the original menu listed homemade ravioli and instead he prepared risotto...absolutely wonderful infused with fresh mushrooms, but I would have preferred pasta. But overall, he was charming and worked with me on creating a perfect stop-over for our very short time in Madrid. I look forward to a return visit and am happy to refer others to Antonio. Butta de Pasta! (Go ahead and put the pasta on, I'll be there shortly!) Ciao! 5
  • Ronen2019-04-03
    a great and tasty experience antonio is very friendly and hospitable he cooks fine italian food highly recommended 5

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  • De 13:00 a 15:30

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I'm Antonio I live in Madrid since 2011 and I grew up in Campania, a region in the south of Italy. I love Italy and Italian food and I'd like to share with you the most authentic tastes of Italian cuisine

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