Fridays at the movies: [movie & meetup time announced by Thursday] Experience


Join us every Friday, cada viernes to watch subtitled movies (v.o. en inglés y subtituladas en español). We are a big and international crowd every Friday, you'll find us at the entrance for sure.

If you're Spanish (or not native English speaker), it's the best way to improve your English and have fun at the same time, whilst you meet nice and sociable people, every week.

2 hours-2 places: Cine Doré (Filmoteca Nacional) •••••• El Parnasillo del Príncipe pub.

REDUCED PRICE for us (just 2€) + a FREE DRINK after the movie for our movie tickets at the pub, so keep your ticket after the movie!

You'll see a lot of people at the entrance, we buy the tickets much cheaper for all the group.


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Evento deCINE V.O. 35%off+Free Drink in Subtitled MOVIES in Madrid

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  • 2019-08-09
  • Santa Isabel 3 -----> Príncipe 33
    Filmoteca --------> El Parnasillo del Príncipe
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